TTP – Turbo Tower of Power

TTP (Turbo Tower of Power) was a toyline sold by the Kenner company during the 1970s. Sets consisted of motorbikes and cars that could be propelled along tracks by a pump-action launcher (the Tower) and made to perform stunts. Sets included the TTP Car Stunt Set, Cycle Action Set, Deluxe Thrill Set, and the Wild Riders Competition Set with motorcyle rider Flyin’ Freddie. Cars and cycles were also availble to purchase separately.

TTP Turbo Tower of Power. 1974. US.

TTP Turbo Tower of Power Wild Riders. 1976. US.

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Kenner Chip-Away Sets, 1972

This 1972 advert from toy giant Kenner presents a comic strip view of their sculpting product Chip-Away Sets. You simply ‘chipped away’ at the soft outer layer of your block to reveal the pre-sculpted figure hidden inside! Once the outer layer is removed the figure is ready to paint with brushes and paints included in the set.

US. The Unexpected. 1972.

US. The Unexpected. 1972.