Selected images: Starlog Scrapbook movie magazine, 1984

Featuring stars from some of 20th century cinema’s biggest sci-fi, horror, and fantasy hits (and a few misses) … TVTA is pleased to present selected images from the 1984 Starlog Scrapbook Vol. 3. by Norman Jacobs and Kerry O’Quinn.

© O’Quinn Studios Inc. Images reproduced by TVTA for film appreciation purposes.

Sigourney Weaver and Jones – Alien. JoBeth Williams – Endangered Species.

The Three Stooges. Have Rocket, Will Travel.

Abbott and Costello Go to Mars.

Edmond O’Brien and Jan Sterling. 1984.

David Naughton. An American Werewolf in London.

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Walkers Star Wars Tazo Collector’s Force Pack, 1996

Smash! Another collection completed! It’s only taken me since 1996… well, better late than never, and there is something sweet about finishing a target after a long wait.

Walkers Star Wars Tazo Collector’s Force Pack was a free ring binder book you could send off for in 1996 to celebrate the release of The Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition.

To complete the pack you needed to collect ‘Tazos’ (sometimes known as ‘Pogs’) which could be found sealed inside packs of Walkers Crisps, French Fries, Monster Munch, Quavers, and Doritos. Each Tazo was a circular, cardboard disc, and came printed with images from the original trilogy Star Wars films.

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Japanese chirashi posters – Wonder Woman 1984 & more!

Wonder Woman 1984. Japanese chirashi poster. Front.

Wonder Woman 1984. Japanese chirashi poster. Reverse.

New Japanese chirashi movie posters just in at TVTA, and the Wonder Woman 1984 as seen above is simply one of the best posters I’ve seen!

Also freshly scanned are these other ‘wonders’. Enjoy 🙂

Pretty Cure. Chirashi. Japan. 2020. Front.

Pretty Cure. Chirashi. Japan. 2020. Reverse.

Hokusai. Chirashi. Japan. 2020.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Chirashi. Japan. 2008. Front.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Chirashi. Japan. 2008. Reverse.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Chirashi. Japan. 2019. Front.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Chirashi. Japan. 2019. Reverse.

Godzilla Anime. Chirashi. Japan. 2018. Front.

Godzilla Anime. Chirashi. Japan. 2018. Reverse.

X Men 2. Chirashi. Japan. 2003. Front.

X Men 2. Chirashi. Japan. 2003. Reverse.

A newspaper life – pop culture ads from the defunct French Metronews

Metronews. Astérix. 24 Oct. 2013.

A TVTA special

One of the first jobs I did when I moved to France was working as a newspaper and advertising distributor. The newspaper in question was Metronews, which was launched 18 February 2002 as Metro then renamed Metronews in 2013 until it ceased print publication and moved online in 2015.

Metronews was hand-distributed on weekday mornings to commuters and students, and deposited in self-service racks in and outside of public buildings and city transport networks. The title was part of Metro International – a Swedish global media company since 1995 based in Luxembourg that publishes the range of Metro newspapers around the world. 

Metronews was a freesheet newspaper, and it gained the bulk of its revenues from advertising, which ultimately led to its 2015 demise due to the growing trend of advertisers and readers migrating to online services. As a consequence of the print title ending, I, and the rest of my distribution team, lost our jobs and were offered free government re-training packages.

I remember my last morning as a distributor; Friday, July the third, 2015, the day the print title ended, handing out that final ever edition with mixed emotions: it would be a relief not to have to work in the noise and bustle of one of France’s big cities full of traffic fumes and freezing wind in the winter, and to not have to wear the green T-shirt and baseball cap uniform!… but I was sure going to miss some of my daily acquaintances, the early morning chats and improving my French language skills. Plus, as a writer, there was always plenty of inspiration to be found by observing human nature and the dynamics of people when spending significant time in a big city.

TVTA never misses an opportunity to archive!

Being as my blog has always been about pop culture advertising, it was only natural during my time with Metronews I saved some of the issues – including that last ever edition I mentioned… funny to think that each of the covers you are about to see I personally handed out at one time, thinking to myself: hmm, I must remember to save one of these to post up on my blog one day…

Metronews. Grand Theft Auto V. 17 Sep. 2013.

Metronews Star Wars Rebels. 2014.

Metronews. Star Wars Rebels. 30 Sept 2014.

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The Rise of Skywalker – cinema swag and promotions

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Pathé Gaumont Les Mag. France. 2019.

Last night I went to see Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. This post is not a review, it’s more a showpiece for some of the advertising and promotions concerning the movie. I will say, however, that I thoroughly enjoyed this final instalment of a film franchise that’s been there with me since I was a child. In many ways TROS serves as a fine tribute to the ‘best of Star Wars’. It’s been quite a journey!

So, onto the few promotions I’ve gathered for the film here in France. Besides print adverts, there is the Premiere film magazine cover, a NestlĂ© cereal competition, cinema exclusive plastic soda cups and a cool metal popcorn bucket, Actimel yoghurt pots, and I’ve included my Japanese chirashi posters.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Cover of Premiere. Dec 2019. France.

The Rise of Skywalker. Japanese chirashi.

The Rise of Skywalker. Japanese chirashi.

The Rise of Skywalker. Double page ad. Premiere. Dec 2019. France.

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