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Doctor Who latest ads and the Dalek Supreme!

Vrooop! Vreep! Christmas is coming! And one of the many things the season always brings us is the Doctor Who Christmas special. Trailers for it can be seen here and here. TVTA gets into the festive mood with a selection of vintage Doctor Who ads, and a long overdue toy entry for the Dalek Supreme, from the 2010 Paradigm set released by Character Options.

Finally Daleks Strategist, Scientist, The Eternal, and Drone are no longer leaderless!

The Paradigm featured in the 2010 5th series episode Victory of the Daleks. Writer Mark Gatiss wanted the Daleks to be bigger than those previously seen, with bright colours inspired by the Peter Cushing Doctor Who movies of the 1960s. UK toy license holder Character Options released all five individually throughout 2010.

It’s worth pointing out another interesting Dalek design in the episode Victory of the Daleks, and that is the WWII ‘Ironsides’ employed by Winston Churchill. The Character Options release of this figure is one of my all time favourite Daleks.

And now, in vintage Doctor Who news…

The following ads just in…

US. Starlog. 1984.

UK. Doctor Who Weekly. 1980.

UK. Doctor Who Weekly. 1980.

UK. Starburst. 1989.

UK. Starburst. 1988.

UK. Starburst. 1987.

Thank you for hiding behind the sofa with us 🙂

2008 Airfix catalogue UK

The 2008 UK Airfix catalogue features model-making kits for Doctor Who and Wallace and Gromit along with the typical military vehicles and soldiers the Airfix brand is famous for. The high-quality 97 page catalogue was aimed at the UK market and is packed with wonderful photographs. Below are a few sample scans.

Doctor Who. The cover features a cheeky appearance from the Tardis to make the first letter ‘i’ of ‘Airfix’.

Wallace and Gromit


Thanks for looking!


Modern vs Vintage

I was wondering how to present these ten modern paperworks I recently scanned – and I thought let’s see if I can twin them up with vintage counterparts. A sort of new versus old. Shiny versus retro. It took me a while to go through my archives looking for suitable matchups – especially anything vintage I might have with Spider-woman on it! Ultimately it was a fun exercise involving adverts and comic covers. Here are the results…  (click pics to go bigger)

Spider-woman. 2008 vs 1980.

Hulk. 2008 vs 1977.

Superman. 2013 vs 1979

Wrestling. 2008 vs 1989

G.I. Joe. 2009 vs 1988

2000 AD. 2017 vs 1988

Doctor Who. 2013 vs 1979

Playmobil. 2014 vs 1978

Lego. 2014 vs 1978

Iron Man. 2014 vs 1978

Thanks for looking 🙂

Martin Landau, George A. Romero, Jodie Whittaker



Two big screen adieus and a small screen hello, as TVTA learns that movie director George A. Romero has died aged 77. Romero is famous for bringing zombies to cinema. His celebrated budget zombie films like Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead are classics of their genre. I like Romero’s films for their simplicity, comedy, humanity and social commentary. RIP George A. Romero.

Martin Landau – one of my childhood heroes in his lead role as Commander Koenig in Gerry and Sylvia Anderson’s Space 1999 TV series, has died aged 89. Landau received due recognition with a best supprting actor Oscar for his role as horror legend Bela Lugosi in the 1994 Tim Burton film Ed Wood. RIP Martin Landau.

And welcome to British actress Jodie Whittaker who has just received the key to the Tardis in her new role as the 13th Doctor in Doctor Who. Whittaker shined in the acclaimed BBC series Broadchurch. I can’t wait to see what she will offer as the latest incarnation of the Doctor. Welcome Jodie Whittaker.

Some modern Doctor Who adverts

I was supposed to start scanning pics for a retro video game post meant for later today, but became temporarily distracted by these modern Doctor Who adverts. Despite the young age of the ads, and as with many things Who, the subject matter is often rooted in the show’s past and the previous incarnations of the Tardis-dwelling Time Lord from Gallifrey.

I’m kicking off this post with an enchanting photo of one of my top-five favourite Doctors Jon pertwee as used for a 2013 Big Finish ad. 

UK. Doctor Who Magazine. 2013.

Next up is a rare treat photo session featuring five Doctors on the cover of Doctor Who Magazine!

Six Doctors, if you count the cheeky appearance of Matt Smith in the top right corner  🙂

UK. Doctor Who Magazine. 2013.

UK. Doctor Who Magazine. 2013.

UK. SFX Magazine. 2015.

UK. Doctor Who Magazine. 2013.

UK. Doctor Who Magazine. 2013.

UK. SFX Magazine. 2013.

UK. SFX Magazine. 2015.


Never mind the adverts… here are the toys (Pt2)

Doctor Who
Various Character Options. Spot the Dapol and Corgi Davros.

Welcome to our second post showcasing the toys rather than our usual toy adverts. It’s a bit belated (two years actually – told you editors rarely come back from a journey to the archives!) so enjoy while you can  🙂  You can see Pt1 here

Part two looks at the UK Character Options line of Doctor Who toys circa 2006 to present, along with its North American counterpart line Underground Toys. Special thanks to TVTA’s good friend Jay in the UK, who has helped to keep a steady flow of Doctor Who goodies coming this side of the Channel where the toys are scarce.

I’ll begin with the fourth Doctor’s companion, Sevateem tribeswoman Leela played by actress Louise Jameson in the TV series – one of my favourite companions and given great justice here with this action figure from Underground Toys.



River and Leela.

River Song and Leela

Seventh Doctor with Dalek (from Remembrance of the Daleks)

Seventh Doctor with ‘Renegade’ Dalek (from Remembrance of the Daleks) by Character Options

Dalek, Ace and the seventh Doctor (from Remembrance of the Daleks).

Renegade Dalek, Ace and the seventh Doctor (from Remembrance of the Daleks)


Ace (from Remembrance of the Daleks)

Radio Controlled Davros. Corgi Bessie/Tardis/K9. Radio Controlled Dalek Battle Pack. Flight Control Tardis.

Radio Controlled Davros. Corgi Bessie/Tardis/K9. Radio Controlled Dalek Battle Pack. Flight Control Tardis

Dalek Strategist and The Ark in Space DVD

Dalek Strategist and The Ark in Space DVD

Dalek Scientist.

Dalek Scientist

The Master

The Master from ‘The Deadly Assassin’

The Pyramids of Mars Mummy Robot and 'Mars Collectors' Set'.

The Pyramids of Mars ‘Mummy Robot’ and ‘Mars Collectors’ Set’

Pyramids of Mars.

Pyramids of Mars

Tenth Doctor, Werewolf, Witch and Cyberman

Tenth Doctor, Werewolf, Lilith and Cyberman





Eigth Doctor

Eighth Doctor

Twelfth Doctor

Twelfth Doctor

Eleventh Doctor

Eleventh Doctor with Tardis

First wave and Series 1 MOC

First wave and Series 1 MOC

Daleks, Davroses and an Ewok

Daleks, x2 Davros and, erm, an Ewok…

Moxx and a Gelth Zombie

Moxx and a Gelth Zombie

3.75 inch series Cyberman and Dalek

3.75 inch series Cyberman and Dalek

… and to conclude this post, here is a 2007 UK advert showing the Judoon Trooper sound FX helmet and series 3 action figures from Character Options. Thanks for looking.

UK Doctor Who Adventures 43 2007 Character Options figs DW

UK. DW Adventures. 2007.