Beware of the shark!

Ministry of Toys advice for parents and young children: 1, Do not put hands into mouth of shark. 2, Do not encourage shark into bathing area. 3, Do not take selfie with shark. 4, Do not pet shark. 5, Do not throw peanuts, fish, live monkeys or hamburgers at shark. Above all, treat with respect and remember you are the visitor in the world of shark.

Jaws/Les Dents De Le Mer game. 1981. France

Alternate Version. 1981. France.

Sky Shark. 1990. US.

In other vintage news…

I have the power!

Masters of the Universe. 1986. Italy.

I have an awesome bed!

Barbie. 1986. Italy.

I have a cold hand…

Big Jim. Dr Steel. 1970s. France.

…But a warm heart!

Baby Face. 1990. US.

Just in!! Bionics, Joes, Jims, RPGs, cars, art, BMX

And lastly…

Remember – beware of the shark!

Petra / Lotte dolls. 1978. Denmark.

Cover for Télé Parade Mensuel N°6. 1978 featuring Jabberjaw and Scooby-Doo.

Thank you for observing sharks with us 🙂

The Ups and Downs of the Cat

“Wooof, please stop jumping up and down on top of the scanner,” I said to the office cat this morning. “Look what you’ve gone and done to our advert for ‘Splash Out’. I’m going to have to scan it again now!”

“It’s not me!” replied the cat. “It’s this new Yo-Yo I bought from the toy shop in town. It seems to have a mind all of its own!”

“Yo-Yo you say? That reminds me, I need to scan a couple of Yo-Yo adverts I found in the archives – if you’ve quite finished destroying the office equipment?”

“No worries,” said the cat. “I’ll go practice my Yo-Yo skills in the garden.”

“Not too close to the greenhouse though, eh?”

“Do you think I’m that daft?”

Later … Smash! Tinkle! Shatter! Meeeowwwlll!

1980s Coca-Cola and Fanta Yo-Yos by Russell

In other Up and Down news…
R2-D2 defies gravity, C-3PO keeps his feet on the ground …

Illustration by David Kawami from The Star Wars Question and Answer Book about Space. 1979.

Q: What cool thing happens when you cross a video game icon with bubble gum and pocket money? 
A: The Pac-Man Bubble Gum Money Box! (I so want one of these!)

Hamleys. UK. 1983.

Oops! Putting your foot in it …

Hamleys. UK. 1983.

Nadia and her gymnasium

Ets De Neuter. 1995. France.

Make friends … yes 🙂

Junior Sales Club. 1974

The Whizz Kids Guide, How To books

Star Wars Weekly. UK. 1979.

Big Jim, Big Josh, Big Jack, Dr. Acero

Congost catalogue. 1977. Spain.

Crashback – crushable and expandable vans on command! 

More Fun From Kenner. US. 1997.

XRC by Tonka

More Fun From Kenner. US. 1997.

Here be dragons …

Hamleys. UK. 1983.

That’s all for now vintage mates. I’m off to buy new window panes for the TVTA greenhouse. Wooof’s off to Yo-Yo lessons for cats. See you soon 🙂


Latest ads: Big Jim, Mickey Mouse, Corgi, Dungeons & Dragons and Mini-Jeux

I always enjoy coming across the toy artwork ads by Ogilvy and Mather, the company responsible for Mattel’s Barbie, Big Jim and Hot Wheels adverts in France during the 70s and 80s. Here are two Big Jim adverts featuring the eponymous character himself along with fellow action figures Géronimo, Bloody Fox, Captain Flint and Captain Hook.

France. Castors Juniors. 1979.

France. Castors Juniors. 1979.

France. Castors Juniors. 1979.

France. Castors Juniors. 1979.

Mickey Mouse Summer Holiday Reading

France. Castors Juniors. 1979.

Suggested reading for the summer holidays – this bumper edition of Mickey Mouse featured fourteen complete stories and forty pages of games and jokes. Advert from Castors Juniors, 1979, France.

Superman Die Cast Vehicles by Corgi

US. Weird War Tales. 1979.

British company Corgi has never been shy when it comes to producing toys based on Marvel Comics and DC Comics characters. Their Superman pocket-size die cast vehicles range were a big hit when I was a kid, and I remember having the truck, the police car and the helicopter. Advert from Weird War Tales, 1979, US.

Glow In The Dark Posters from Pineapple Kids Club

US. The New Mutants. 1985.

In 1985 Canadian-based company Pineapple Kids Club were offering some cool sci-fi themed glow in the dark posters, as well as the chance to get free glow in the dark shoe laces. Advert from The New Mutants, 1985, US.

Dungeons & Dragons

US. House of Mystery. 1981.

A “Dungeons & Dragons” black and white “Adventure” ad featuring the three heroes Valerius the Fighter, Grimslade the magic user, and Indel the elf. Advert from House of Mystery, 1981, US.

Mini-Jeux Pocket Games

France. Castors Juniors. 1979.

Mini-Jeux pocket games were licensed by the Meccano company in France. In the UK they were known as Pocketeers. Advert from Castors Juniors, 1979, France.


Playmobil, Big Jim, La Bonne Aventure and Roco Trains

Five French toy adverts from the late 1970s and early 80s.

France. Le Journal de Mickey. 1982.

France. Le Journal de Mickey. 1982.

France. Pif Gadget. 1982.

France. Pif Gadget. 1982.

France. Pif Gadget. 1982.

France. Pif Gadget. 1982.

France. Pif Gadget. 1979.

France. Pif Gadget. 1979.

France. Pif Gadget. 1978.

France. Pif Gadget. 1978.