Robo Machine (very mini) mini catalogue

Robo Machine (sometimes Robo Machines) was a transforming vehicle/robot toy line made by the Bandai company in the 1980s. It was the European version of the Japanese Machine Robo toy line.

When I say that this Robo Machine catalogue I recently acquired is not much bigger than a postage stamp I’m not exaggerating! Here it is all in its tiny, little glory. Small is beautiful.

Robo Machine Command Centre Play Set. The top left picture of the transforming vehicle on four legs reminds me of  a very famous vehicle as employed by the Empire in certain Star Wars films!

Thank you for transforming with us 🙂 

Voltron Force ad by Neil D Vokes

I discovered some great info today on this excellent and colourful 1986 UK advert for Voltron Force. After posting it on Twitter I  was contacted by the artist Neil D Vokes, who told me,

“I drew this ad (with Rich Rankin) while doing the pencils on Comico’s Robotech Masters series – was paid a pretty penny for it too.”

Wow, that’s so cool to hear from one of the actual artists involved in the toy advertising process, and it’s made my day. Here’s the ad.

UK. Hex. 1986.

UK. Hex. 1986.

1986 Matchbox catalogue page featuring Volton Force toy.

It Must Be Matchbox. 1986.

Voltron hip-hop Sprite promo. 1999. US.