Hello? Fisher-Price toys customer services department? Yes, can I get a sniffer dog please?

The Fisher-Price Chatter telephone. 1963 catalogue detail.

Greetings, vintage mates. TVTA is pleased to add to its archives a selection of scans for Fisher-Price Toys. Who among us, as children, didn’t own or have a friend who owned the Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone? Or how about the Snoopy Sniffer dog? Or the Little People (formerly known as Play Family People)?

Little Snoopy and Snoopy Sniffer dogs. Fisher Price. 1968.

Fisher-Price is an American company founded in 1930 during the Great Depression by Herman Fisher, Irving Price, Helen Schelle, and Margaret Evans-Price. The company can proudly claim a long tradition of producing delightful preschool and early-years toys made from durable materials, and designed to last throughout generations of family members as the perfect hand-me-down toy.

Presenting: complete scans from the 1963, 1965, 1968 and 1970 Fisher-Price catalogues, each featuring toys a good deal of us will remember all too fondly.

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Daniel Boone Wilderness Scout (paperwork) by Marx

Released in 1965 by toy company Marx, Daniel Boone Wilderness Scout was a poseable 12 inch wild west action figure with accessories. The figure had jointed shoulders, elbows, wrists and a moveable head, but stood on rigid legs. While I don’t have the actual figure, I did get hold of the paperwork which came with the original boxed toy.

For more information on the Daniel Boone figure see Stewart’s Attic as well as other wild west action figures of the period.

Daniel Boone grew up as a hunter

Accessories and wilderness survival tips

Below images of Daniel Boone figure and box courtesy of Stewart’s Attic

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Danish Retro (Pt 4)

Welcome to the fourth part of Danish Retro. In this edition we look at some half-page adverts found in comic books in Denmark in the 1960s, 70s and 80s.

Part Three can be seen here

Lagerman Caramel Bars. 1969.

Dandy Chewing Gum. 1970.

Kellogg’s Rice Crispies. Pif Paf Puf (Snap Crackle and Pop). 1967.

Sun-Maid Raisins. 1980.

Kellogg’s Stamp Collector Offer. 1970. Frimærkesamler

Matchbox. 1967.

Cowboys and Indians. 1969.

Corgi Farms. Porsche and Lotus. 1967.

Corgi Batmobile and Batboat and Chevrolet Stingray. 1967.

Corgi Transporter. 1967.

Britains. 1970.

Board Games. 1987.

Disney and MOTU Storybook and Cassettes. 1987.

Disney and MOTU Storybook and Cassettes. 1988.

Playmobil. 1980.

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Retro toys in Coventry part two: the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum

aaCov Herbert flyer

This is part two of my two-parter featuring retro toys exhibited at the Coventry Transport Museum and the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum in the city of Coventry, West Midlands, UK.

Part one is Here

Part two is a selection of photos from the exhibition The Story of Children’s Television from 1946 to Today and features toys, models and props from popular UK television children’s television shows. Many of the characters pictured below will be instantly recognisable even if you didn’t grow up watching them on the box. The whole exhibition, for me, was a huge treat, but probably my favourites were the Gerry Anderson puppets, Play School, the Clangers, Doctor Who, Grange Hill and the animation cels.


TV toys 06

Muffin the Mule.


TV toys 06b

Sooty and Noddy.


TV toys 07

What’s up doc…


TV toys 07a

Andy Pandy.


TV toys 07b



TV toys 08

Camberwick Green and Mary, Mungo and Midge.


TV toys 09

Basil Brush and Wacky Races.


TV toys 09a

Play School.


TV toys 09b

Little Ted and Humpty from Play School.


TV toys 10

Blue Peter.


TV toys 12

Characters from Thunderbirds.


TV toys 13 Col White a Capt scarlet mysterons

Colonel White from Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons.


TV toys 13a

Doctor Who.


TV toys 14 button moon

Mr. Spoon from Button Moon.


TV toys 15



TV toys 16

Kermit and Ivor the Engine.


TV toys 18

Toad from Wind in the Willows and Big Ears from Noddy’s Toyland Adventures.


TV toys 19

Camberwick Green characters and Uncle Bulgaria of the Wombles.


TV toys 19a

The Wombles.


TV toys 21

The Clangers.


TV toys 21a

Grange Hill.


TV toys 22 pob



TV toys 23a

Rosie and Jim.


Created with Nokia Smart Cam

The Teletubbies.





Roobarb animation cel.

Roobarb animation cel.


Mr Ben animation cel.

Mr Benn animation cel.


Fred Flintstone animation cel.

Fred Flintstone animation cel.


Dick Dastardly, Muttley and the Mean Machine animation cel.

Dick Dastardly, Muttley and the Mean Machine animation cel.