When you next go shopping, don’t forget to pick up…

Greetings vintage mates!

Whether you are a high street shopper, a mega-store moocher, a mail-order junkie, a catalogue queen or a flea-market freak… make sure you pick up these items* the next time you go shopping!

*time-travel to the 1960s may be required for certain items subject to availability.

Shopping list: Ajax cleaner, Pax washing powder, Palmolive washing-up liquid, Mir washing powder, Orlane and Juvena cosmetics, Banga orange juice, Gayelord Hauser Vitamin Pills.

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Kellogg’s jigsaw puzzles from YWOW Games

Produced by YWOW GAMES in 2020 and under licence from the Kellog Company, these six collectable jigsaw puzzles depict the classic Kellogg’s cereal designs of Cornflakes, Frosties, Coco Pops, Special K, Crunchy Nut and Rice Krispies. Each 50-piece jigsaw comes with a mini poster.

TVTA has been collecting these since the beginning of 2022, and is now pleased to have completed the set. Enjoy the images, as we tuck into a nice bowl of Frosties and declare… They’re Grrreat!

DC Superheroes fast food 3D jigsaw puzzles

DC 3D Puzzles by Eugy, Dodoland. 2022. France.

Greetings vintage mates, your intrepid editor here at TVTA has not long returned from emergency surgery on the abdomen… so what better way to celebrate a recovery post with some gut-busting fast food chain merchandise from McDonalds!

Presenting, DC superheroes 3D jigsaw puzzles. McDo, at least here in France, has stopped giving away plastic collectables with its Happy Meals in an effort to combat plastic pollution. A good move. Toys now included in their meal deals are made from recyclable paper or card.

Throughout April, McDo has been offering 3D DC character standee figurines, but made of card, and you have to construct them similar to the way you might make a 3D jigsaw puzzle.

Let’s see what TVTA managed to get its post-op, greasy little fingers on…

DC 3D Puzzles by Eugy, Dodoland. Cyborg, Robin, Catwoman and Supergirl..2022. France.
DC 3D Puzzles by Eugy, Dodoland. Catwoman. 2022. France.
DC 3D Puzzles by Eugy, Dodoland. Catwoman pieces. 2022. France.
DC 3D Puzzles by Eugy Dodoland. Ace the dog. 2022. France.
DC 3D Puzzles by Eugy Dodoland. Cyborg reverse box. 2022. France.

Thanks for looking 😎

May The Fourth Be With You – let’s have a blast(er)!

Stormtrooper blaster 1996 Hasbro

Happy Star Wars Day, vintage mates! The 4th of May is the annual holiday celebration of the Star Wars franchise, known as: May The Fourth Be With You – which is a play on the expression ‘may the force be with you’. TVTA always makes a post on this day, usually showing off some Star Wars collectables or print advertising. This year we take a look at some Star Wars blasters, both big and small, direct from the collection of TVTA!

Boba Fett blaster 2009 Hasbro

Below: The Imperial Gunnery exclusive replica blasters.

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