Welcome to TVTA’s collection of Chirashi!

A Chirashi is a printed mini-poster or flyer used to promote film releases in Japan. The size of a typical Chirashi is “B5” (approx 7 x 10 inch /18cm x 26cm). A relatively cheap and space-saving alternative to regular-size industry posters, Chirashis make excellent movie memorabilia collectables.

Most Chirashis are double-sided with an image from the film printed in colour on the front. Additional artwork and information printed in Japanese appears on the reverse. As well as the standard double-sided format, some Chirashi are more elaborate such as gate-folds, tri-folds or quad-fold posters. Other deluxe features can include thicker card stock, metallic print, UV overlay, Mylar print, and die-cutting.

Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Gremlins 1 and 2, Indiana Jones Original Trilogy, Robocop Original Trilogy

Batman – The Dark Knight six page special chirashi

Blade Runner 2, The Last Jedi, Wonder Woman, Justice League

The Alien Movies

The Star Wars Original Trilogy

Chirashi various 2

Chirashi various