Happy Star Wars Day! May the Black Series be with you!

Back in Black!

In 2013, Hasbro began releasing their highly anticipated line of Star Wars action figures known as the “Black Series”. The first wave of 6 inch figures proved highly poseable due to their large number of articulation points. Great attention was made to detail and paint applications, both in the figures and the accessories, along with the stylish window boxes which housed each figure, giving the brand a unique style that differed from previous incarnations of Star Wars packaging.

Indeed, the Black Series was firmly aimed at the adult collector rather than children, and with its no-nonsense, no thrills, black is black identity, many of the range sold out shortly after their appearance.

TVTA is pleased to present its thus far collection of Black Series 6 inch figures. Enjoy the pics. Happy Star Wars Day!

Luke X-Wing Pilot.



Princess leia 40th Annivesary MOC.

Luke Skywalker 40th Anniversary MOC.



Boba Fett Protoype White Armor.

Ello Asty.

Jaina Solo.

Jaina Solo.

Black Series Pilots.

First Order Riot Control Stormtrooper and Poe Dameron. Carrefour exclusive.






Kylo Ren.

R2-D2. Kylo Ren. Luke X-Wing Pilot.

First Order Flametrooper.

Rey (Jakku) and BB8


As always, thanks for looking, and may the 4th be with you!

17 thoughts on “Happy Star Wars Day! May the Black Series be with you!

    • Lol, I’m happy for Star Trek fans too, always!

      Cool art link you showed… it’s a rendition of Darth Vader (a real Star Wars character) but tagged ‘Darth Phader’ which could be the title of the piece or name of the artist??

      The ‘ear flaps’ or ‘flange’ of his helmet is renedered more in the style of Samurai headgear (which Darth Vader was inspired by in parts). Or it’s some sort of musical connection?
      Heck, what do I know? I’m specuthinkalating here based on my modest Star Wars knowledge… what we need is the knowledge of a certain Jedi among us… namely, For Tyeth!

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  1. Hi TVTA and May The Fourth Be With You too. I couldn’t afford these action figures when they came out sadly (being around £20-£25). I recall when Star Wars figures used to be 3.75inches tall and cost between £2-£3 British pounds – and that was around five weeks of my pocket money allowance as a kid!
    Unfortunately with this year being hectic so far I didn’t get chance to do a May 4th post but I have a bit of a special saber lined up for Saturday’s post and a Star Wars travel photo.
    Thanks sharing your collection!

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    • Hi FT, thanks! Yes, the downside to these figures is the price. The upside is that the sculpts and quality are top notch.

      Like you, I didn’t get time to do the post I wanted to really do for May 4th (and, also like you did, I am soon to embark upon a very special mission, which is eating all my time and energy!) Luckily I had this Black Series on draft, so I posted it up as a second place May the 4th tribute 😊

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      • Yes the Black series figures are fantastic pieces of art. The Qui-Gon Jinn figures I have are spot on (yes I have two – one to keep boxed as it’s a Lucasfilm 50th Anniversary edition, and one to “play and display” with).
        And now I’m intrigued…a TVTA Special Ops mission huh? Let me know if you need backup ok😉

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