Let’s Dance! My latest Sunday flea market 7 & 12 inch vinyl record haul

Greetings vintage mates! I finally found some 12 inch vinyl albums worth buying at my local Sunday flea market. Regular readers will know I often come back from the Sunday market laden with 7 inch singles, but rarely do I come across good albums in good condition and for a good price. Today I found three albums – all in excellent condition, along with three singles and an EP.

Total cost: (with various rates according to today’s XE.com currency converter)

24,00 Euros (what I paid) / 25,55 USD / 21,22 GBP / 34.77 CAD / 3 470,46 JPY

Right, I’m off to dance a little Bowie, enjoy the pics!

First up, AC/DC Highway to Hell, 1979, German pressing. Super pleased to find this in the wild!

AC/DC Highway to Hell. 1979. Atlantic. German Pressing.

Next, KISS Dynasty, 1979, French pressing. Sadly no poster which came with some of the original releases, but it does come with the original printed KISS graphic inner sleeve. 

KISS. Dynasty. 1979. Casablanca. French Pressing.

Next, Yes, Going for the One, 1977, French pressing. I’ve always appreciated bands who went to the trouble of making artistic album sleeves, especially in the late 1960s and throughout the 1970s when gatefold sleeves were in abundance… but how about a triple gatefold sleeve, courtesy of Yes…  

Yes. Going for the One. 1977. Atlantic. French Pressing.

Yes. Going for the One triple gatefold sleeve art.

Next, three French pressed singles and a French pressed EP from sixties sensation Françoise Hardy – 

David Bowie. Let’s Dance. 1983. EMI. French Pressing.

The Police. Message in a Bottle. 1979. A&M. French pressing.

Irene Cara. Flashdance… What A Feeling. 1983. Casablanca. French pressing.

Françoise Hardy. EPL 7967. 1962. Disques Vogue. French Pressing.

And lastly, TVTA bonus disc!

Not purchased at the flea market, but from my local record store on Friday night… Voivod, Dimension Hatröss, the Deluxe Expanded Edition CD with remastered album, live disc, DVD disc, and booklet. Voivod is a Canadian thrash/experimental/avant-garde metal band formed in Quebec in 1982.    

As always, thanks for looking! 😊

13 thoughts on “Let’s Dance! My latest Sunday flea market 7 & 12 inch vinyl record haul

  1. I think you must be my long lost sibling. This is such a wonderful stash!!!!!! that AC/DC Album is always loved (also love Kiss and had that album on 8 track) Flashdance??!!! yes, everything Flashdance. Every. Single. Song. (also, Flashdance was filmed here where I live, Pittsburgh, PA)
    Thank you for sharing this. I adored everything.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey sis! 😊 Yes, all what you say, I love these albums and singles so much. Finding the AC/DC was a treat as I only had a cassette version back in the 80s which my friend copied for me (“Home Taping Is Killing Music” lol).
      Had all the Police albums back then, and loved Flashdance – so cool it was shot in Pittsburgh where you are! 😎


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