TINTIN: comic creation of Hergé, and the most valuable drawing ever sold.

Tintin fromage. Offer to collect free stickers with promotional packs. 1978. France.

TVTA is pleased to present its collection of Tintin print adverts and images, spanning the years 1978 to 2018.

Tintin is the comic character created by Belgium artist Georges Rémi. Rémi was born in 1907, and from an early age began drawing. From 1924 he began to sign his drawings with the name Hergé, reversing the initials “R.G.” (as they are pronounced in French). The character Tintin and his dog Snowy made their debut on January 10, 1929, in the publication Le Petit Vingtième.

Living in France, Tintin is everywhere! But as a young child growing up in England, my exposure to the comic book adventurer was via my local library, and being amazed at all the Tintin books they had. I think I not only appreciated the stories set across the globe, but the drawing style of Hergé and the intensity of colours.

But… before you take a look at TVTA’s Tintin print goodies, let’s take quick stock of some rather remarkable recent news regarding Tintin…

the below image is a clue:

Tintin in America. Original drawing by Hergé. Photo by Kenzo Tribouillard_AFP_Getty Images.

A cool two million!

Last Friday, February 10, 2023, an artwork by Tintin creator Hergé set the world record for the most valuable original black and white drawing to be sold at auction, selling for a cool two million euros. The drawing, Tintin in America, which was created by Hergé in 1942, was used for the colour edition of the Belgian cartoonist’s 1946 book of the same name. The sale of the drawing was organised by French auction house Artcurial, in which the black and white artwork sold for €2,158,000 (£1.9m), ($2,3m). Source: The Guardian

Below: TVTA collection print adverts and images for Tintin.

Tintin L’affaire Tournasol. Enamel advert. Date unknown. TVTA collection.

The Cars of Tintin.

2018 Echelle collection. Images from accompanying booklets.

The Cars of Tintin. The Blue Jeep. Echelle. France. 2018.

What’s the time? It’s ten-twenty-two-to-Tintin-time!

Tintin watch. Premiere. France. 2018.

Andros Tintin Jigsaw puzzles offer. France. 1981.

Nestlé mini-berlingots Tintin figurines offer. France. 1980.

Tintin. Ets De Neuter catalogue page. 1995. France.

Tintin’s Adventure Club. Sweden. 1986.

Tintin Adventure Club. 1986. Sweden.

Tintin Adventure Club. 1986. Sweden.

As always, thanks for looking 🙂

16 thoughts on “TINTIN: comic creation of Hergé, and the most valuable drawing ever sold.

  1. Hi TVTA, great collection of images as always. I did read one Tintin book as a kid which I borrowed from the library. It must have been popular as Tintin books were hardly ever on the shelves. The story I reaf had Tintin on a voyage across the Atlantic and a trip to Egypt IIRC…I do remember there was a pair of henchmen trying to kill him!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi FT. Yes, he was always getting into adventures across the globe and being chased by baddies. The library was brilliant as a kid back then. I remember hiring out Asterix books and Mr Men – even though I already had a fair few Mr Men books at home. Added to that was probably The Wombles, Noddy and Rupert Bear stories.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hi again, we had the Asterix and Obelix books in our library. I fondly remember the Asterix story where he and Obelix had to do a tour round Europe and buy delicacies from each country for a feast in honour of the Roman Emperor. It was brilliant as I learnt bits of history and geography whilst I was entertained.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Not sure I ever read one, but I remember seeing the books in the library too. Dad used to call me Tintin when I bothered to style my hair – all makes sense now (well, sort of). Those cars all look fab, and the watch is a definite eye-catcher!

    Liked by 1 person

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