“Dangercar Saber” – A Secret Agent Mouse saber

Please check out the latest cool creation by my good blogging buddy For Tyeth who responded to my Danger Mouse challenge with flying colours!


GOOD GRIEF! I s it time for another post already? Er hello everybody I guess it is time for today’s post. And today instead of a saber for a cartoon cat I have a design inspired by a cartoon mouse! Probably the most famous mouse to eve be a Secret Agent….Danger Mouse. Danger Mouse is a 1980’s UK cartoon created by Cosgrove Hall Productions that centres around a mouse who is the world’s first and only Secret Agent Mouse that battles crime and works to thwart the evil plans of a “Terrible Toad” named Baron Silas Greenback. Danger Mouse (or DM) was loosely based on the TV character “Danger Man” and of course James Bond but DM was a hero and a bit of a coward at the same time. Lucky for DM he had a hapless sidekick in the shape of a Hamster assistant named Penfold – though Penfold…

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2 thoughts on ““Dangercar Saber” – A Secret Agent Mouse saber

  1. Gosh! What a coincidence!

    We were watching a programme about David Jason on Friday and I happened to mention Dangermouse as he did the voice. Mentioned because I have a friend who sounds very much like Dangermouse (and no, I don’t sound like Penfold).

    Haven’t thought of this guy for decades and here he’s mentioned twice within two days 😮

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