Six New Rahan Adverts

Greetings vintage mates. Here are six Rahan print adverts I recently acquired to add to my main Rahan post. 

Rahan. Au Pays de L’etrange. Pif Gadget 593. 1980.

Rahan is a fictional lone-warrior who wanders prehistorical earth on a journey of self-discovery and to help others. He made his first appearance in February 1969 in the French comic book Pif Gadget then later went on to feature in his own albums. Such was the character’s popularity in France that an action figure was licensed by Group Action Joe (the French version of G.I. Joe / Action Man).

Pif Gadget gave away a number of Rahan toys as ‘gadgets’ in some of their issues, and Rahan was adapted into two animated TV series (1986 and 2006). The character was created by the writer Roger Lécureux and illustrator André Chéret (with later artwork by Spanish illustrator Romero). After the death of Lécureux, his son Jean-François Lécureux, took over as writer.

Rahan Number 17. Pif Gadget 599. 1980.

Thanks for looking!

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