Retro Fashions You Cannot Afford To Be Without This Winter! Plus, FREE WordPress “writing prompt” tee-shirts at only $9.99 a pop!

Nasa Flight Suit by Watkin Jackets. Starlog N°65. 1982. US.

Worried about winter heating VS winter eating? Can’t afford to doff your cap to your government’s winter-survival-best-laid-plans-thinktank-advice? Maybe, like me, right now, you’re wearing two tee-shirts and two hoodies and a scarf, while sitting at your desk/studio and wondering: why am I working fulltime yet can’t afford to pay my bills…

Fear not, vintage mates… TVTA brings you some super cool retro fashions to warm the cockles of your chilled bone marrow as winter takes it bite while fat cat fat pigs the world over get richer at the milk bowl and feeding trough. Burrrrp! And at least we have WordPress to offer us writing prompts if ever we are too hungry or cold to think of an idea ourselves! 

Below advert: I already had an idea about a ‘1983 martial arts’ ad I wanted to post, when WordPress suddenly kicked my ass by prompting me: “What are your thoughts on 1983 martial arts adverts?”

AWMA martial arts uniforms. Wonder Woman 303. 1983. US.

I tried to ignore their prompts about Swedish Superman sweaters… but couldn’t help myself!

Superman kid’s jumper. Superman N°12. 1987. Sweden.

WP: “What are your feelings about Donald Duck?”

ME: Ummmm…

Donald Duck Anders And & Co T shirt. 1978. Denmark. Jaltesorensen et TVTA.

WP: “What are your feelings about 1980s shit?”

ME: It was fun mostly..

Buggy shoes and clothes. Pif Gadget 598. 1980. France.

WP: “How would you feel about putting a superfriend on your chest?”

ME: I’m absolutely fine about that…

DC Superhero Tee shirts. Heroes World. GI Combat Dollar Comics 202. 1977. US.

As always, vintage mates, thanks for looking! My disclaimer today: I make no real lightness of poverty and winter struggle in this post. I have experienced personally only a small fraction of what many suffer across our globe in terms of keeping warm and eating well. To add: I ❤ WP since the 2010s; For TVTA, it is my go-to blog host where I have met many wonderful fellow bloggers and have had a lot of fun, despite its (sometimes) shortcomings.

Blog well and happily, and remember… always ask questions, and that no question is a stupid question! 

Ford, TVTA.

TVTA thinks…

TVTA thinks…

17 thoughts on “Retro Fashions You Cannot Afford To Be Without This Winter! Plus, FREE WordPress “writing prompt” tee-shirts at only $9.99 a pop!

      • Maybe a bit of both, Ford. Ever since I’ve been blogging through WordPress, they’re always changing something… they seem to be sticking with this ‘new’ editor though… although giving a prompt when you’re about to type your own post seems a bit much for an unnecessary change.

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  1. Well I was going to say “never change <3” but, with so many shirts and prompts to choose from, who knows…

    I think I’d suppress the urge to go for those WP wonders and instead plump for the Superfriends dealies. Towels too! Which reminds me, from our room we sometimes used to see a cool/creepy Joker (Jack Nicholson style) beach towel hanging on the line a couple of doors down. My brother kept trying to get me to go round and ask if we could have it 😄

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  2. As a kid I always had a fascination with t-shirts with graphics, but I was too particular to ever wear one. I think I can count the ones I had on my hand: Alfred E. Neuman, Wacky Packages, Jaws and Monty Python, in that order. As for wordpress, to me, their greatest sin will forever be the block editor, but the ridiculous writing prompts come in a close second. Great post, Ford

    Liked by 1 person

    • Many thanks R. I would have absolutely loved a Jaws t-shirt as a kid!
      Meh to the Blocks Editor I agree. For an archive site like mine Blocks simply doesn’t work – it’s cumbersome and laggy and a real pain to work with regarding images and updating historical posts. Thanks goodness WP have (so far) kept a legacy version alive for Classic Editor.
      I use Blocks Editor on my other site (Atomic Mage) which is far less image-heavy than TVTA, but even with simple posts the Blocks editor is like a dog’s breakfast, and to be truthful I never enjoy the posting experience there 😥

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