Goldorak is…

Goldorak is; a Japanese super robot, UFO Robot Grendizer (UFOロボ グレンダイザーYūfō Robo Gurendaizā), a Shogun, a Shogun Warrior, mecha, a Japanese animation… Goldorak is Grandizer, Goldrake… Goldorak is toys, records, comics… Goldorak is huge in France! Goldorak is… super cool robot!

Goldorak prize competition. Pif Gadget 529. 1979. France.

Goldorak 12″ vinyl record. Saban Records & Music. 1982. France.

Goldorak. Shogun. Pif Gadget 558. 1979. France.

Goldorak figures by Atlantic. Pif Gadget 529. 1979. France.

Godorak vinyl records and cassettes. Pif Gadget 529. 1979. France.

Goldorak / Pink Panther / Disco / Skateboard. Motta ice creams. Pif Gadget 529. 1979. France.

Goldorak stickers offer Le Jean’s. Castors 14. 1979. France.

Thank you for exploring what Goldorak is with us!

13 thoughts on “Goldorak is…

  1. Hi TVTA, I am kicking myself now…..years ago I saw a Goldorak action figure toy at a flea market but didn’t pick it up as I didn’t know what it was (I only found out what it was because of your post today!). I thought it was an “off-brand” knock off or clone of the Power Rangers toys.

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    • Hi FT. Don’t kick yourself too hard my friend, I wasn’t even aware of Goldorak until I lived in France. Fair to say that Goldarak and Shogun is huge here. Legend has it that the series was so popular among French viewers that several episodes scored a 100% TV rating back in the day!

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  2. Such cool adverts for Goldorak, such a shame toy advertising often seems so bland now compared to things like this. I love all that Shogun Warrior looking stuff. Fun to see that Pink Panther lollypop advert as well, I’m sure I remember something similar to that when I was a kid here in uk.

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    • Hi Paul, your memory serves you well! There did use to be a Pink Panther ice-lolly – I know because my mother helped run a youth club and was responsible for the “Tuck Shop” confectionary purchasing. As a result, I had to go to the wholesaler’s warehouse to buy sweets for the club and the wholesaler also had ice cream/lollies. You might remember some other lollies such as “Rocket” and “FAB” (Rocket was a layered multi-flavour fruit icelolly whilst the FAB was a fruit flavoured lolly with a layer of ice cream on the upper half and was topped with “Hundreds and Thousands” sugar sprinkles).

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      • Good memories FT ! I too recall the Pink Panther lolly in the UK, plus the skateboard ones which I’m sure came with collectable stickers or cards. The ‘Fab’ and ‘Rocket’ were also faves, plus ‘Funny Feet’. Can also recall some type of Universal Monsters lollies like Frankenstein and Dracula.
        Do you remember Tip Tops and Jubbylies? – they were basically frozen soda in plastic or cardboard wrappers?

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      • Yep definitely remember Tip Tops and Jubylies – we called them “Ice-Pops” in our neighbourhood. And during summer we used to buy catering packs of juice carton drinks and freeze them to form lollies (You might also recall Jack Freeze too!)

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      • I remember ‘Mr. Freeze’ but not ‘Jack Freeze’. Do you remember those supermarket vanilla ice creams which came in a plastic cone with a gobstopper type bubblegum at the bottom? We used to eat those then turn the container upside down to make them into Daleks 😁
        Just remembered Funny Faces as well as Funny Feet. And Mini-Milks!

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      • Now you mention it the freeze pops may have been “Mr” and not “Jack” Freeze. I thought I was mixing things up with Batman, but the freeze pops were long thin tubes filled with frozen juice. And I do remember the gobstopper cones but I never had any.

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      • I thought so, I thought my memory was playing tricks on me LOL! I always liked the Pink Panther Ice Lolly. I remember the FAB rocket as well wit the hundred and thousands too! 🙂

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