Asking for a friend…

Asking for a friend…

Letter addressed to the Wisborg branch of Herr Sargmacher & Sons, Fine German Coffin Manufacturers, January, 1838.

Dear Herr Sargmacher,

I am writing on behalf of a friend to ask if you might, by perchance, be able to supply a specialist coffin?

Length-wise you will be looking to accommodate a cadavar of approximately 6 feet 4 inches (1.92 m) tall, and with sufficient elbow room to allow for exceptionally long arms.

The lining must be of your finest red velvet, with the casing constructed of your sturdiest wood, and with a lid which may be opened and closed with minimal effort.

It is desirable that the coffin can stand upright as well as be laid flat.

As I say, asking for a friend,

Yours sincerely,

Count Orlok,


Asking for a friend… written by Ford Waight for Six Sentence Stories: a weekly writers’ challenge hosted by Denise at Girlie on the Edge blog. This week’s cue word is BRANCH.

Digital art by Ford with images from the 1922 film Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror (German: Nosferatu – Eine Symphonie des Grauens) directed by FW Murnau and produced by Prana Film.

TVTA & Atomic Mage Editor, Ford Waight. There’s a wasp? Where?

33 thoughts on “Asking for a friend…

  1. Dear Count Orlock,

    How kind of you to submit a special request for what seems to be a blood sucking pal.
    You really know to make someone comfy during the day.
    I suppose there’s not much else to do in Transylvania. xxx

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    • Dear Resa,

      Thank you. Yes, I am known for my kindness as well as for my requests on behalf of blood-sucking pals.

      You are correct, there is not much to do in Transylvania, so, as such, I plan to visit as many continents as possible during my winter vacation.

      I hear Canada is quite lovely this time of year?

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      • It’s great right now, but in a month it will be COLD everywhere you go. FREEZING in some places. In 2 months the entire massive country will be frozen over.
        If you like skiing, Vancouver could be a winter choice.
        Although I was mesmerized by Niagara Falls in January, when it was completely frozen, frozen foam and all, it was too cold to go out and look at it. Fortunately our hotel room had a view!
        April, May…. March and June to an extent…. depending where you go, September and October. Those are our best months.
        Climate change has made summer almost impossible with heat.

        Nonetheless, Canada is FAB!!! There’s a lot of rugged beauty here, and the political climate has remained civilized.

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      • I loved Vancouver when I spent two days there while staying in Seattle, especially the downtown vibe of bars and live music. It was in September, as you mention that month. For sure, would love to come back and visit, plus see other parts of Canada!
        Ford X🤩X

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      • Ah…. Toronto and Montreal are fabulous cities! They are close to New York City. Niagara Falls is a sight to behold.
        There is a lot to see here!
        Second largest country by total area, in the world.. with a small population.
        Hahaha! The cold keeps people out!

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  2. …to borrow from a writer I would sell my putative soul to be even half as talented as
    “…and whatever sleeps there, sleeps alone.”

    Good Sixing.
    Queen must be in the air… got a triplet coming up at the Doctrine.

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      • Oops! Yes I should have mentioned Bowie also…and mentioning Metropolis, I love that footage in Radio Gaga as it reminds me of Star Wars. The reason is because Ralph MacQuarrie based his concept art for Star Wars off of Metropolis (that’s why C-3PO looks like the female-esque droid).

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      • You’re right, FT. Ah, the concepts of Ralph McQuarrie there as he looked for inspiration!
        C-3PO remains one of my fave SW characters (despite that he seems to annoy many of his cast members and even some fans). He was the first SW original trilogy figure I owned as a kid, before I even saw the movie, and I remember thinking: what is this so cool gold robot I have?!

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