Some days, you just can’t get served…

“We don’t serve bats here”

We don’t serve bats here. Art by Reuzé. Fluide Glacial N°551. 2022. France.

… Some days, you just can’t solve crime without a little help from Hostess Fruit Pies…

Detail. Hostess Batman. 1976.

… It’s as if the whole world has been turned upside down…

Hostess Batman. 1977. US.

… Some days, only a Batman Bike Horn can help you get through traffic… 

Batman bike horn. 1977. US.

… and, some days, you just can’t get rid of a bomb!

Happy Sunday, vintage mates!


18 thoughts on “Some days, you just can’t get served…

  1. Haha, awesome. Love the bike horn. We all got squeaky Joker ones around the time of The Animated Series. I think they were out of a Happy Meal.

    Many Sunday mornings back in the day I’d come down to find my brother watching his tapes of the 60s show. I’ve long thought it would be fun to have a new game based on that wacky, colourful universe instead of the dark, gritty Bat we often see today. But I guess it wouldn’t be the same without the original cast.

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    • Cheers, Jacob. Oh, how I loved watching the re-runs of the original Batman series, such campy mayhem and hoots galore! Adam West will always be my fave Batman despite how much I love the work of Nolan and recently the awesome film The Batman.

      Bike horns – I remember as a kid having this battery-operated thing that played American emergency vehicle sounds. Was very cool. Would love to have seen those Joker ones from the Happy Meal you mention!

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