A vintage shoutout to my friends at Bande Originale…

Bande Originale moodboard

Greetings vintage mates. Please check out the website of my collector friends from Lyon in France who have recently opened a concept store to sell vintage clothes, fashion accessories, movie posters and vinyl records: Bande Originale

The site is still in its infancy and has ambitions to become a physical presence with artistic collaborations as well as its web presence selling authentic vintage items.

Says Marie:

“Bande Originale was born from a shared love story for cinema, music and fashion. Romantic and dreamy collectors, our purchases have always been favorites. We wanted to take a new step by creating together a concept store that would allow us to share our universe. Bande Originale is not only a vintage ready-to-wear shop or a cinema-music corner, it is a proposal to live your life like in the cinema, choosing the original soundtrack of each day so that it is unique : it’s up to you to compose your style and your playlist…”

Bande Originale Courrèges and Yves Saint Laurent
Bande Originale posters and photographs
Bande Originale Barbarella
Bande Originale photographs

All images from Bande Originale

Thanks for looking 😊

4 thoughts on “A vintage shoutout to my friends at Bande Originale…

    • Many thanks, Bruce. I know they have a lot of goodies to add soon. Their site has only been up a couple of weeks and is already looking fab!
      Yes, all good here thanks, hope it is with you and yours too, and here’s to a fantabulous weekend straight back atcha! 😊

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