So much style! Pénéla N°13, 1968.

Cover. Pénéla No 13. May 1968.

Pénéla was a monthly French women’s magazine dedicated to fashion, style, beauty, home and garden decor, cooking, design and the arts. The magazine was published throughout the 1960s and early 1970s and was presented in a library format with indexed sections. Alongside the many wonderful photos found inside a typical issue, Pénéla featured illustrations to accompany famous poems, quotes and short stories.

TVTA is pleased to present issue N°13 from May 1968, as part of an upcoming series featuring selected scans from various Pénéla issues.

Ronsard. Illustration by B. Chartres.

Illustration by Coline.

Illustration by Christiane Cardinale.

Advert: Calor hair irons.

Advert: Sartel sewing accessories. Pénéla No 13.

Advert: Boom-Mince slimming clothes. Pénéla No 13 May.

Photo: Jean Daniel Lorieux/Aarons.

Look out for more scans from Pénéla magazine coming to TVTA soon!

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