Don’t forget to book your hair appointment!

Now you will never forget your monthly hair appointments with this handy Hairdressing Diary!*

*Time travel machine with coordinates set to 1967 required.

TVTA is pleased to present the pages of Agenda Coiffure 1967, a freebie given away by selected hairdressers to customers to remind them when to pencil-in their upcoming hair appointments.

There is no publishing info on the calendar, and my best guess is that some company provided these to outlets with the option to stamp their business details on the back cover.

My top-three favourite hairstyle models throughout the year is Miss December, Miss October and Miss September. Which is your favourite hairstyle?

Below. Loose translation: “This 1967 hairdressing calendar is strictly personal. It allows you to note the date and hour of your hairdressing appointments throughout 1967”. Introducing: Miss January.

Below. Miss February and Miss March.

Below. Miss April and Miss May.

Below. Miss June and Miss July.

Below. Miss August and Miss September.

Below. Miss October and Miss November.

Below. Miss December.

Below. Hairdresser’s business stamp. Mr Paul Tardy of Coiffure Dames, Chambery. Best wishes for the New Year.

That’s all folks. Thank you for blowdrying with us!

6 thoughts on “Don’t forget to book your hair appointment!

  1. Hi TVTA, Miss March has definite Daphne from Scooby-Doo vibes…while Miss May is Tara King (Linda Thorson) from The Avengers….Miss November is a Golden Girl (Bea Arthur) and finally, Miss February? Well someone just opened a door off to the side of her as the photographer took the picture!
    However I shouldn’t cast stones as I haven’t had a haircut in a barbers for nearly two decades. Firstly for a long while I was bald due to illness (then I liked the look so kept a clean scalp afterwards) but then I became the Jedi I am now and had to let my hair grow out!

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  2. WOW. This is crazy! But in a good way! I like Miss August’s hairstyle the best. Miss October has the best smize — that means smiling with your eyes and not your lips. A term coined by Tyra Banks, host of America’s Next Top Model. I am not embarrassed to disclose that I used to binge watch that show.

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  3. “Tardy” has always been my go to name when writing a sketch, or something. I am not even sure why, but it does make me laugh to see someone with the actual name. March is a good look. Well done, Mr. Paul Tardy.

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