The mysterious case of the pink case, and a 40th Maiden!

Greetings vintage mates!

What’s in the case??

It’s a rather elegant case…

Compact, a dreamy pink colour…

Somewhat vintage…

But what does it contain?

Let’s open it up to find out…

Holy dinky retro-cool record players in pink cases! It’s a Muse Vintage Collection vinyl record player, a Father’s Day gift from your humble TVTA editor to himself! Thanks me, you rock!

This compact yet sturdy machine is ideal to test out the second-hand vinyl goodies I sometimes find at flea markets. At home I have a sweet hi-fi seperates system that’s packed away due to no space in my teeny-tiny Hobbit apartment, and is a mission to set up. The Muse compact is a blessing for an instant blast.

First 45rpm I tested…

But then…

Along came this…

Yet another Father’s Day treat from myself to myself! Thanks again, me, you really do rock this year!

A 40th Maiden?

The Number of the Beast is 40 in 2022. Was it really that long ago an eleven year-old me was tear-arsing it to the local record shop to buy this amazing album upon its release? And how about my cut-off denim jacket which proudly displayed a full sew-on back patch of the famous Derek Riggs album art? I remember a kindly retired neighbour offered to sew that patch for me. Seeing this record again sure brings back some memories!

Thanks for looking. Happy Father’s Day to daddies everywhere 😎

22 thoughts on “The mysterious case of the pink case, and a 40th Maiden!

  1. I love that variation of pink, very muted and very much of a certain era. My grandparents (God rest their souls) re-decorated their home in 1950 and never again added or removed an item or piece of furniture until the house was sold in the 1990s. Even as a kid I appreciated how out of time their home was, and every bathroom was that color pink. I loved it then and I love it now.

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  2. “Yet another Father’s Day treat from myself to myself! Thanks again, me, you really do rock this year!”

    It is uncanny how we always know the best thing to get ourselves. 🀣

    That is one suh-sweet record player. Makes me which I had one even though I have no vinyls. The tragedy!

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  3. Hi TVTA, wow I had a similar record player as a kid…I probably drove my parents mad playing my red vinyl copy of “Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep” by Middle of the Road, on a loop! Well I say loop…I just reset the needle 🀣
    But as I got older I too started to listen to something a bit heavier and I enjoyed the Iron’s music
    Nikko’s drumming was (and still is) just so intense and on point. I’ve been watching some of his YouTube videos where he turns up to jamming sessions and other bands’ gigs and just plays any kit that is there and he sounds like Nikko always does!
    Happy Father’s Day….”.No TVTA….I am your Fath….” er, hang on that’s Darth Vader!

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    • Hi FT, many thanks! My grandparents had something similar only bigger, and it was like looking at a blue suitcase until you opened it up.
      Agree, Nikko Mcbrain is a top drummer. The Piece of Mind album is another one of my faves, when he made his debut.


  4. Happy Father’s Day to you Ford!
    I love how you treated…yourself!
    It is so…you!😎

    The pink case…I could see J Travolta opening it!
    It’s 40 already…goddamn! We a r e getting old…but we won’t age, eeh? Up the Irons!

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