Queen Amidala – Star Wars

Reblogging this excellent Star Wars alley art mural; photos taken by Resa. Her post is kindly dedicated to me and my good Star Wars blogging buddy ForTyeth. Many thanks Resa 😍

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Although I have never seen a Star Wars movie, I did recognize this fence mural as from the franchise.

So, I sent a pic to my main pal from this universe – Tyeth – For Tyeth Saber Site

Tyeth – β€œOh wow! That is unreal! I think the artist has used the colour palette used on the Phantom Menace cover art for the Blu-Ray edition boxes (which is a blueish-purple). It gives this mural a real powerful feel to it, especially having Darth Vader on the left and Master Yoda opposite him.”

Tyeth – β€œThat is Queen Amidala in the centre, during the time when she was presiding on the throne. This is her wearing one of her ceremonial outfits (based on real life Mongolian fashion) and headgear.”

Tyeth – β€œHer makeup is very symbolic and the mark on her lower lip (which when viewed in normal colours is red)…

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5 thoughts on “Queen Amidala – Star Wars

  1. Hi TVTA, I felt very honoured to be considered a “Star Wars Source” for Resa’s post and then I was equally happy to see you get a mention also! Very kind. Resa sent a sneak peek of this awesome artwork and I was able to fill in a few details for her. The image is so amazing I want it on the wall of my cave now (<by cave I mean flat!)

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