May The Fourth Be With You – let’s have a blast(er)!

Stormtrooper blaster 1996 Hasbro

Happy Star Wars Day, vintage mates! The 4th of May is the annual holiday celebration of the Star Wars franchise, known as: May The Fourth Be With You – which is a play on the expression ‘may the force be with you’. TVTA always makes a post on this day, usually showing off some Star Wars collectables or print advertising. This year we take a look at some Star Wars blasters, both big and small, direct from the collection of TVTA!

Boba Fett blaster 2009 Hasbro

Below: The Imperial Gunnery exclusive replica blasters.

These life-size blasters were made in a limited number as tribute to the original plastic weapons sold with Star Wars 3.75 inch Kenner action figures. The blasters were available on The Imperial Gunnery (TIG) Star Wars forum, and quickly sold out due to their faithfullness to the original toys and their heavy-duty resin design. TIG commissioned five different blasters iirc, and I was lucky to snag a Rebel, Imperial and Princess Leia blaster.

TIG Exclusive Lifesize Rebel Blaster
Comparison with an original blaster from the 3.75 Kenner line and Luke X-Wing Pilot figure
TIG Exclusive Lifesize Princess Leia Blaster
TIG Exclusive Lifesize Imperial Blaster

A small selection of Star Wars figures with their blasters…

Princess Leia. Kenner.
Princess Leia. Black Series.
Boba Fett. Kenner.
Boba Fett Prototype White Armor. Black Series.
IG-88. Kenner.
The shootout. Photo TVTA.

Thanks for looking! MTFBWY!

11 thoughts on “May The Fourth Be With You – let’s have a blast(er)!

  1. I found a Star Wars fence art. I’m going to dedicate the post to Tyeth….after all, he’s devoted his life to making sabers. It’s an unique choice. However, I will be mentioning/linking to you as another Star Wars fan!
    Be well! xo

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  2. Happy May The Fourth TVTA! Wow…I have seen a lot of things in this universe…..but I’ve never seen those TIG replica blasters! And you snagged some? Who says luck doesn’t exist!
    Hope you have some fun “Pew! Pew!” ‘ing!

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