STS 4×4 – Super Track System by Exin

STS (Super Track System) 4×4 was an electric slot-car racing system made by Exin Lines Brothers of Spain. The track and vehicle operating systems were similar to Scalextric and other brands of the time, using a motor-driven chassis with pick-ups to make contact to an electrical current flowing inside the track.

STS 4×4 tried to do something a little different from its competitors by focusing on 4×4 vehicles and making their tracks a terrain-coloured brown as opposed to the typical black surface tracks of other brands. Extra track pieces were available to buy to expand the basic sets, along with a range of accessories such as obstacles, bridges and jumps.

TVTA is pleased to present catalogue images from the 1988 Spanish Exin catalogue and the 1988 French STS 4×4 catalogue. The images feature the main sets available at the time along with many accessories.

Cover. 1988 STS 4×4 catalogue. France.

Cover. Exin STS 4×4 segment from the Exin Catalogue. 1988. Spain.

1988 STS 4×4 catalogue. France.

1988 STS 4×4 catalogue. France.

Below: Gallery showing images from the 1988 Exin catalogue.

As always, thanks for looking!

10 thoughts on “STS 4×4 – Super Track System by Exin

  1. Wow TVTA, I’ve not seen these slot racing sets before. I would have loved to see how that flexible bridge worked regarding the pickup contacts’ ability to stay touching the power rails. Then again TCR Racing sets managed to have some features that allowed some separation of the car from the track.

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    • Same here FT, never seen this before, and the flexible bridge part looks a lot of fun! I just love how they themed it on off-roading and made the tracks a different colour than black.

      I remember TCR well… we had a few of those sets in the family. The cars for TCR had a lot more freedom in their track separation as you say. I recall they were purely contact-based and didn’t rely on an additional slot. I think one of the sets we had could change lanes too, plus lots of jumps!

      My eldest son had a Scalextric 24 hour Le Mans which was such a good set to both build and race – especially when you added extra track!

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