Roblock – transforming robots you build!

Roblock was introduced around 1984 as part of the TENTE construction toy range by Exin-Lines Bros S.A., probably as a cash-in on the trend for transforming toys such as Go-Bots, Transformers and the like. The difference was that Roblock robots had to be built first – brick by brick, with special hinges enabling the vehicle parts to become robots.

Roblocks might appear as simplistic and cartoonish for a transforming toy robot, but for me they add a special cool factor with their bold colour schemes, striking decals and fun element… I mean, who can resist a sci-fi, earth-moving machine on caterpillar treads, which can transform into a frog? That’s the kooky joy that is Frogster. See pic below…

Tente Roblock featuring the models Defender, Dark Warrior and Frogster. Exin catalogue, 1988, Spain.

Another model I like is Gunner (see pic below)… a bug-eyed, blue robot on treads – though in its vehicle form you wonder how it wouldn’t topple over being so forward-heavy. No worries… it’s just a toy. Imagination is key!

Tente Roblock featuring the models Gunner and Racer. Exin Catalogue, 1988, Spain.

Below pics… Wicco, Keramic and Redox. These are fun… the expressions and character in their facial elements say a lot. Can we transform? You bet! But we don’t take ourselves too seriously!

Tente Roblock featuring the models Wicco, Keramic and Redox. Exin Catalogue, 1988, Spain.

Below pic: Thor and Skymaster. These two characters came with plastic pilot mini figures, and were likely produced in a larger scale than their counterparts in the line. My favourite here is the pretty awesome Skymaster, both in its robot and vehicle form. The red and grey colour scheme lends it a more serious look than the others.

Tente Roblock featuring the models Thor and Skymaster. Exin Catalogue, 1988, Spain.

Thank you for transforming with us! 🙂

Images from the 1988 Exin catalogue, featuring models from the Roblock line between 1984 and 1987. Scanned by TVTA.

12 thoughts on “Roblock – transforming robots you build!

  1. Hi TVTA, I have to say some of the vehicular forms of these toys look al lot like other franchise’s vehicles. The Dark Warrior at the top of your post next to Froggie looks like either Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle from The Force Awakens and TheLast Jedi but knowing when these toys came out the designers were probably influenced by the Imperial Shuttle Tydirium (the Emperor’s shuttle seen in Return of the Jedi).
    Meanwhile “Keramic” and “Redox” look very much like the ships from Gerry Anderson’s Terrahawks and finally your favourite the “Skymaster” has definite Thunderbirds vibes. Great collection as always.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi FT. Good eye for spotting the similarities to Terrahawks… I thought that too! Can also see some likeness to Star Wars vehicles in the mini-rigs, and Thunderbirds too. They’re great catalogue pages these Roblocks, and it was fun to come across them.

      Liked by 1 person

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