The TVTA 2021 Halloween Pumpkin Teaser!

Take one large size pumpkin, one medium pumpkin, one skateboard, some conkers and a witchy brew…

Not long till Halloween! And TVTA went shopping to pick up some of the parts for this year’s pumpkin carving ritual. Last year’s Med-Hed proved to be a popular Jack-O-Lantern treat…

As for this year, what can TVTA possibly have in store? 🎃🎃🎃

Anyone else have plans to make a pumpkin or do anything cool this Halloween?

8 thoughts on “The TVTA 2021 Halloween Pumpkin Teaser!

  1. Knowing your creative nature, Ford, my mind boggles at what you might cook up 😉 Chez nous, just a humble pumpkin lantern – a severed head spiked on the gate post – to alert any local trick-or-treaters 🎃

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