Dinky Toys 1971 Die Cast Vehicles

SHADO UFO Interceptor vehicle from UFO.

TVTA is pleased to present scans from the 1971 Dinky Toys catalogue as produced for the French market. As well as featuring vehicles ranging from road and sports cars to military and emergency vehicles, the catalogue shows three famous pop culture TV series vehicles: the SHADO Interceptor from UFO; Lady Penelope’s FAB 1 from Thunderbirds; and the Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle (SPV) from Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons.

Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle (SPV) from Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons.
Lady Penelope’s FAB 1 car from Thunderbirds.

Click the below images and gallery to see full size.

Dinky Land Rover Pony Club 1971.
Dinky Land Rover Safari 1971.
Citroen Presidential car Dinky Toys 1971.
Dinky 1971 catalogue rear and front cover.

13 thoughts on “Dinky Toys 1971 Die Cast Vehicles

  1. Oh a TVTA time trip back to my youngling days! I owned one of those Balayeuse Johnston road sweeper vehicles and it was neat (for a road sweeping machine!) It had action features that worked – there was a small rubber band and flywheel system on the back axle that worked the two small brushes between the wheels. The small roller brush actually picked up lint and fluff from your carpet and the small “Dentist style” shaped brush behind the front wheel spun too. Finally there was the swinging arm and hose on the top for clearing the drainage channels and grilles. A great toy and very heavily built.

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      • Hi there, my brothers and I had a large packing box that must have been 3x2x2ft full of a mixture of die cast cars – branded and off brand. But we did also have a box each of nicer more expensive vehicles. I had a Dinky the Dinky 263 Airport Tender Fire Truck cos my uncle was an RAF firefighter, Unsurprisingly I no longer have it and unfortunately I just searched for it and found examples selling for £60 now!
        I think I may have mentioned to you before that I had the Eagle Transporter too – I had the one with the rotating “Radiation Barrels” on the detachable pod. I tried to get the Eagle One passenger version but missed out.
        p.s. my new addition is out for delivery and should be at my door around 1:30pm GMT! YAY!

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