You’ll Be Dynamite! TVTA is back!


Greetings vintage mates! TVTA is back from a six month hiatus and ready to kick ass in the name of vintage and retro goodness!

Fear no man!

Kung Fu. 1974. US.

These past six months have flown by, and while my other site The Atomic Mage (where I do my writing, poetry and Six Sentence Story contributions) has been healthily choo-chooing along, I can honestly say I’ve missed TVTA and all things retro!


AWMA martial arts uniforms. 1983. US.

October 2021 sees the return of your humble editor and his intrepid office cat Wooof, as we look to pay the outstanding rent, repair the roof, clear the archives of mice crap, send begging letters to Mrs Coldkettle the tea lady to come back, and get to grips with a brand new scanner which seems to have a mind of its own! (This morning I swear I heard it say to Wooof as he was trying to scan a Hello Kitty poster: “I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that.”)

Pernickety scanners aside, what better time than the month of October to bring you images and ads for 1980s horror films, some cool horror magazine covers, and of course TVTA’s longstanding traditon of creating a Halloween pumpkin!

Med-Hed – the 2020 Halloween pumpkin creation by TVTA

Also coming up over the next few weeks will be some 1970s die cast toy catalogues, and a feature on my collection of Star Wars Black Series 6″ action figures!

As for today’s images… no idea why the martial arts theme… all we can say is…


37 thoughts on “You’ll Be Dynamite! TVTA is back!

  1. TVT-yay! The force awakens. It’s always fun looking through these retro gems, especially the spooky stuff – intentional and unintentional! (I can’t believe it’s October again, and a year since Med-Hed!)

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    • Hiya Jacob, the Force Awakens or Return of the Jedi I’m so happy to be back! 😎 Can’t wait to get to work on the upcoming pumpkin design, it’s all planned out and it’s gonna rock! (or skate – little clue there 😉) Same here, time has flown since last Halloween and Med-Hed!

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  2. YAY! Some more good news! Glad to see you have gained access to your office again. I think I had one of those Ninja figures in the Dappere Strijders image. Believe it or not I got the ninja in black with the red emblem (bottom left corner) from the UK bargain store Poundstretchers – and it cost me 99 pence! A little bit less than a Black Series from Hasbro methinks.

    And may I enquire, does your scanner have a TWAIN connection by any chance cos the one I had was a pain to keep connected to my PC (my computer kept unrecognizing it!)

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    • Thanks FT, good to be back 🙂 Those Strijders figures are cool but I have very little info on them – interesting you might have found one in a UK outlet.
      Yes, the scanner operates on a wireless connection and is always booting itself off my system, making me have to restart everything over 😦

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      • Hi there, I think there is something weird going on with technology at the moment. As I type this I’m watching the MotoGP from the USA and all of a sudden my laptop kept buffering then it just went blank and shutdown! Even stranger, when I rebooted all my windows were open that I was viewing before the crash. Even last night on Channel 4 their studios/gallery shut down and was being run from a remote backup!

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