Look what’s happening!

Dear vintage mates, greetings 😎 Hope you are all doing fine and dandy! For your info and perusal… 1… please check out the newest Ford & Spira collaboration at my sister site The Atomic Mage  2… I miss you! And you can expect a TVTA very special late-summer jamboree post celebrating some rather groovy collectables and pop culture goodies we have quite frankly been missing around here! 3… hah, you don’t expect us to miss Halloween do you? With only 145 days to go to the big event, Ford and intrepid TVTA office cat Wooof have been super mega hyper impressionnant busy designing this year’s cool Halloween pumpkin!! So expect a special post this October! 4… TVTA has also been busy building its skinny and puny body for this summer’s muscle-exposing superhuman oiled-up gurning tight pants skinny-to-megaspacemanhulk power muscle beach bodybuilding bamfest!  We are feckin’ ripped boyo!   
“Are you skinny? Feckin’ Ada, no more! Now, you too can build impressionnant muscles with TVTA!”

That’s all for now, vintage mates     Ford & Wooof 😍

9 thoughts on “Look what’s happening!

  1. Hi TVTA, an unexpected surprise! (Though what other type is there?). I too have been busy building up my “pipe cleaner” arms ready for Lightsaber combat when the Comic Cons restart. And to achieve it I have gone for the tried and tested “Vintage” muscle builder….The BullWorker! I have an original model with the thick steel cable coated with rubber tubing and at each end of the compression tube it has brown handgrips. It rattles, slicks and squeaks like mad but it works – I just have to remember to exercise BOTH arms so I’m not lop-sided. Great adds and I await the TVTA specials.

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    • Hiya FT, nice to be back briefly and getting zany with TVTA. Good luck with the arm building, one of my brothers is a fitness fanatic and has the bullworker, plus when we were kids he had one of those chest expanders with springs and handles – it was almost like a medieval torture device!
      Yeah, looking forward to posting some special vintage goodies when I update my plan with some space credits.

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