TVTA is retiring (or was that just a hiatus?)

Greetings vintage mates.

It is with a degree of sadness yet a positivity for the future of my blogging endeavours that I am announcing the retirement of The Vintage Toy Advertiser. At the least it will be a hiatus or very long holiday.

Since 2011 my aim for the site was to create an online resource and archive showcasing vintage advertising and catalogue images spanning the subject of toys, movies, comics, video games, food & drink and much more!

Ten years on – I think I’ve largely done as much as I can and want to do for the time being regarding this. The decision has been made easier by my dissatisfaction with the WordPress drive of switching to blocks. As a paying customer I am no longer willing to part with money for a service which does not meet the needs of TVTA.

My archive (4.5K advert and catalogue images + hundreds of toy images from my own collection + hundreds of comic book and magazine covers) was always meant to be added to and enhanced. Having to edit with blocks is unwieldy and time-consuming to maintain the good standards of my work, and it seems there are far too many hoops to have to jump through just to publish even a simple post these days… when blogging should be easy, quick, and fit for everyone’s purpose?

Another issue is that I will soon reach my current plan limit for image space, requiring me to upgrade to the next and more expensive plan with additional features I do not need. Maybe WP could consider offering one-off extra image space packages for blogs which are picture heavy? I doubt that. As much as I’ve always loved WP, they never seem to listen.

So, onto the future…

I will be launching a new site soon. Likely on WP still, but without the costs I’ve been incurring. The site will be simple. Focussed on writing, art projects, and with the occasional feature on vintage books and comics.

As such, The Vintage Toy Advertiser will no longer be updated, and will be left in the capable paws of TVTA office cat extraordinaire Wooof to curate while he idly munches his way through cat biscuits and re-watches all those VHS films we never returned to Blockbusters.

As for my dear vintage mates here… I intend to very much keep in touch, and I would like to give a HUGE, huge, huge, massive, storming, magnificent, mammoth, mega-big thanks to everyone who has been a part of TVTA over these past ten years. The interaction, inspiration, encouragement, fun and laughs, likes, comments, reblogs, shares and links has quite simply made my days 😊

It’s April, and April is my big TVTA blog anniversary – 10 years old this month! And now a retirement to add to it. Sometimes these things work this way.

I’ll leave you with a quick gallery of a few of my favourite archived images over the years (too many to choose from!!), and I’ll be sure to post the link soon for my new site once it’s up and running.

Adios you lovelies, see you on the other side! 😎

Ford, editor TVTA

As always, thanks for looking πŸ™‚

46 thoughts on “TVTA is retiring (or was that just a hiatus?)

  1. I’m sad to see this news. I’ve always enjoyed seeing your posts and the great memories of toys and comics they brought back. Thanks for all the time and energy you put into it, good luck with your next adventure!

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  2. Crikey! I just found you … was it something I said? πŸ˜€

    I kinda agree with the block thing on WP – I’ve been blogging with them for about 16 years (just closed down my LOUD HORIZON music site) and I agree, it is rather unwieldy.

    Keep us posted here at Once Upon a Time in The ‘7os with your future plans – we’ll be sure to check you out.
    Good Luck with whatever you decide upon.


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  3. NOOOOOOOooooooo!……That’s IMPOSSIBLE! Man, so sorry to hear you are having to take this course of action but I am glad to hear you still have future plans to hang around. I’ll always remember our collaboration where you challenged me to design out of this world (and galaxy far away) styled lightsabers based on the toys and pop culture you showcased – thanks so much, you really improved me.
    Now as a Jedi I mustn’t mourn (sniff) the “passing” of your blog but (sniffle) CELEBRATE you and your new journey from here onward to a bigger world.
    May The (For)ce Be With You…..always! (I’ll keep in touch)

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    • Thanks, FT. I too remember our collaborations with much joy! Those were some exciting designs and interactions.
      Definitely I’m sticking around – just in a different format, and there will always be a slice of ‘vintage’ (and Star Wars!) offered at my new site.
      Yes, stay in touch. MTFBWY always! 😎😎

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  4. OH NO! Very sad to hear that TVTA is winding down. I’ve had so much much fun enjoying your posts and enjoying the nostalgia of all the toys and adverts of yesteryear. Your site has brought back many happy memories for me. Love the pictures on this post, especially the Evil Knievel and Energised Spider-Man – I had those toys, they were brilliant!. Although it will be sad to say goodbye to TVTA, I will look forward to your new venture and staying in touch with you when it begins. πŸ™‚

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    • Thanks, Paul. You’re one of my longest standing vintage mates here and I’ve appreciated the interaction and your own site too. No worries though, as I’ll be sure to follow and keep up with you on my new site when its ready, plus will post some vintage toy goodness from time to time!
      yeah – the Evel Knievel, I had that too, plus his stunt camper van, such cool toys.

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      • Thank you. Its my pleasure, always enjoyed all that vintage geeky goodness with the ads, toys, and posters ect. How cool where those Evil Knievel toys. Used yo drive my folks mad sending those bikes wizzing down the hallway LOL! πŸ™‚

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  5. Hey TVTA. Damn, I feel like I only just really got to know you and your awesome blog and now you are leaving 😦 But I totally get it. I don’t know how WP can expect people just everyday blogging people to upgrade to the expensive business plan because they run out of space. It really is annoying but I guess they need to make a buck somehow. Anyway, I am glad you are not leaving entirely and I look forward to following your new blog when you get it set up πŸ™‚ Thank you for all the awesome Star Wars vintage content and the fantastic images of the past. You and your blog will be missed (until you start your new one, of course). So this is not “goodbye” but “see you soon!”

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  6. Oh no! This is not fun news. 10 yeas are a long time and take commitment. When you are not having fun anymore, moving on might be a good move. Well, for you; I’ll miss you. Good luck withh your new plans!

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  7. Checks the date of this post isn’t April 1st Oh NO! I’m sorry to hear this news. I understand how frustrating the recent direction of WP has been. I’ve really enjoyed your content and comments, so I will look forward to what comes next. Good Luck!

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  8. Good luck with your new site. I have had some amazing memories brought back to mind whilst reading many of your posts. Please post a link to the new site. I have the same reusable block as a footer on every page so if I move site I alter one block and it’s changed on every single post.

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  9. Thank you for all your amazing work across 10 years of publishing. I know that “Blocks” has proven a nightmare for many, although I did bite the bullet and cross over a while back and have gotten used to it. Trust me, its implementation as publishing format is a lot more stable than other have done it, but it’s still overly complex. I really enjoy the site and will look out for your future projects

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    • Thanks so much, John, and also for your amazing work too, some of which led me to meeting others, and even getting my Batman Corgi toys article published 😎 (still chuffed about that!)
      Alas, the blocks is just too clunky and time consuming for my archives purpose. I don’t mind change but it should be less complex not more. Look forward to catching up again when the new site is ready!


  10. Congratulations on the 10 years, though I’m sorry to see you go. I’ve quit my site and restarted a new one fairly recently and I’m trying to get to grips with the blocks. I don’t know what was wrong with the editor that was in place, but what do I know πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

    Anyhoo, I’ll look forward to checking out your new blog when it’s up.

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  12. Sad news, but congrats on ten years sir! It’s been good fun getting a look at these vintage gems, and reminiscing with you on everything from Batman to Blockbusters. I was actually wondering how on earth you cope with the block editor, as I find it a total pain with multi-image posts. It used to be so simple…

    Look forward to your new place, I’ll be there for sure. πŸ™‚

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    • Hi Jacob, thanks! Yep, ten years of good fun and meeting cool bloggers like yourself. Let’s keep in touch. Re: the block editor – ouch, it’s okayish for simple text and one or two pics, but you’re right… working with multiple images is a pain. The galleries are a mess and the text options underneath to label a pic is awful. The process is slower than before when you could lay out a multi pic post with all the tools in one spot. I’m trying my best to like it but it just sucks the simplicity out of blogging we’ve been enjoying these years.

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      • Absolutely! πŸ™‚

        Yep, that’s relatable. This is a shame as that simplicity is why I’ve always returned to WordPress after trying out other platforms. Even more a shame if it’s putting people off posting.

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