Weird War Tales – my growing collection

Weird War Tales was a DC anthology series of war-related stories blended with sci-fi, horror and the paranormal. Each issue was hosted by a character called ‘Death’ who was often drawn wearing a different military uniform for each issue. Recurring characters such as the Creature Commandos, G.I. Robot, and The War That Time Forgot became regular stories. The original title ran from 1971 to 1983 across 124 issues. In 1997 it was revised as a four part series, and in 2000 a one-off special.

Here is my collection so far. Many of the covers are drawn by one of my all-time favourite comic book artists Joe Kubert.

Weird War Tales advert. 1980.

15 thoughts on “Weird War Tales – my growing collection

  1. An amazing roundup of covers…most impressive. But I have to say cover 61 reminds me of Skeletor sat in a throne if it wasn’t for the fact this character seems to be strapped into his chair.
    It’s fantastic how these covers have that “pulp” texture look to them and you can tell they aren’t glossy reprints or such adds way more nostalgia/character. Thanks for sharing the wierdness!

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  2. I had all the Weird War comics. Not sure if they have survived my mom’s last few moves, and I am almost afraid to check, but one day I hope to read them all again from the start.

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    • Some brilliant crossover war and horror stories to be found in these, with a few ‘meh’ ones, but always for me outstanding artwork, especially the covers, many done by Joe Kubert.
      I still have some childhood copies and some I picked up in the early 2000s cheap. They can be a bit expensive online nowadays.
      That would be cool if you could find your childhood collection!

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