I’m linking up with Denise at Girlie On The Edge Blog where she hosts Six Sentence Stories and everyone is invited to write a story or poem constructed of six sentences based on a prompt word.

This week’s prompt word is Service


This DIY job is not a service but a replacement of vital parts, because the toilet cistern no longer flushes and its innards have fallen apart.

Luckily I remember some skills from when I was a 16 year-old apprentice plumbing and drainage engineer, back in Peaky Blinders land, ay, can still hear my gaffer say: “Water will always find its lowest level.”

Words of truth, but in this case the water has nowhere else to go – trapped, just sitting there idly in its ceramic fish tank waiting for replacement parts.

So it’s off with the tank lid, hands plunged into cold and calcified water, deep into the guts of this watery grave of broken plastic parts never meant to last or endure the hard water of our town’s supply.

Parts unscrewed, loosened, taken apart, brightly-coloured plastic contraptions of simple yet remarkable ingenuity pulled out like sunken hulks hoisted from the sea bed, then replaced with a brand new system all shiny and seaworthy for its future days in a 6 litre tank.

Job done – I marvel at my capability, thinking I have won; yet, water always does what it wants in the end and can easily make fools of our controlling ways; while some may believe the mark of civilisation lies in our art, our music, our architecture, our distribution of wealth – the true mark is simply how we try to manage the precious gift of water.

Editor’s note: The above is a true story – the flush has been threatening to go kaput for a while, so I ordered the spare part in anticipation. Also, I really was a plumbing and drainage apprentice based in Peaky Blinders land, Small Heath, Birmingham, by order! Props for good mate fellow WP blogster BK at Be Kitschig for telling me that if my adventures didn’t make into poem form I could always write a ‘flush fiction’ piece 🤣

Poem: by Ford.

Image #1: The Sleeze Brothers. Cloak and Dagger. Marvel. 1989. US.

Image #2: View-Master, 20,000 leagues under the sea. 1954.

36 thoughts on “Flushed

  1. Great piece! And thanks heaps for the nice mention. You did a great job — writing & plumming. A good writer could write about paint drying and make it interesting!
    While I have no plummming experience, I imagine it’s like fixing your bicycle tire. If your lucky it’s not flat AGAIN the next day … Have a lovely Sunday

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  2. For the last twelve months I have been plagued with water finding the lowest point in pretty much all rooms in the house. It all started with a leak in the boiler and moved on from there. It’s been an expensive year for me, Ford!

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    • Sorry to hear that. It can be so expensive and frustrating trying to fix leaks like that. I’ve had a leak coming from the bathroom ceiling on and off for three years now, not much, just small drips, but enough to destroy the plaster and paintwork over time. The plumber comes out… investigates the upstairs apartments, finds nothing, says the water pressure is normal, but still it leaks periodically. Maddening.

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  3. What valuable knowledge to posses, ye of Peaky Blinders land 😀
    Imo, this is one of the more, no, make that most, lol, important utilities in a home, so kudos for not having to call anyone for repairs.
    Fun Six, V!

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  4. Ayiee! My quicker-witted Six-mates have totally dominated the commetage…

    (We know the water in the tank is, like, water that would fill the sink, but reaching down into the tank when repaired the chain always makes a body want to wash their hands with soap and warm water.)
    Fun Six, yo

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