McFarlane Toys: Spawn

Spawn Series 29. Tomarts Action Figure Digest. 2006. US.

We recently promised you… a splendiferous and spiffing spotlight on Spawn 😎

And we shall not disappoint! TVTA is proud to present Spawn action figure scans from the 1997 and 1999 McFarlane Toys catalogues, as well as other Spawn goodies! 

Spawn is a fictional antihero appearing in comic books of the same name published by Image Comics. Created by Canadian comic book creator, artist, writer, film maker and toy designer extraordinaire Todd McFarlane, the character Spawn first appeared in Spawn #1 in May 1992. The series has several spin-off comics, as well as a 1997 film adaptation, an HBO animated series, and a range of action figures as we shall see highlighted in this post! 

Let there be Spawn!

Spawn. McFarlane Toys Catalogue. 1999.

McFarlane Toys 1997 catalogue images

McFarlane Toys Catalogue. 1997.

Spawn The Movie Deluxe Boxed Assortment. McFarlane Toys Catalogue. 1997.

Spawn The Movie and Spawn Playstation. McFarlane Toys Catalogue. 1997.

Click on the gallery for bigger images

Spawn The Movie Deluxe Boxed Assortment. McFarlane Toys Catalogue. 1997.

Spawn The Movie. McFarlane Toys Catalogue. 1997.

McFarlane Toys 1999 Catalogue images

McFarlane Toys Catalogue 1999. Rear cover Spawn logos

McFarlane Toys Catalogue 1999. Cover.

Spawn: The Dark Ages. McFarlane Toys Catalogue. 1999.

Techno Spawn. Series 15. McFarlane Toys Catalogue. 1999.

Curse of the Spawn. Series 13. McFarlane Toys Catalogue 1999.

Spawn series XIV. McFarlane Toys Catalogue 1999.

Spawn: The Movie. Home video and DVD print advert. 1997. 

Spawn. Home Video and DVD print advert. 1997.

Spawn videos. 

Spawn videos. La Boutique Semic, 2001, France.

Thank you for Spawning with us 🙂

8 thoughts on “McFarlane Toys: Spawn

  1. Awesome post my friend, love Spawn and Mr McFarlane’s awesome artwork. Still have a number of my Spawn action figures from the nineties including Medieval Spawn and Spawn sitting on his throne doing his ‘Alas poor Yorick’ impression!! I have recently received my McFarlane Azrael figure and have just ordered the amazing Flashpoint Batman figure. 🙂

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