To Bring You My Love – a Project #2 extract for Six Sentence Stories



I’m linking up with Denise at Girlie On The Edge Blog where she hosts Six Sentence Stories and everyone is invited to write a story or poem constructed of six sentences based on a prompt word.

This week’s cue word is Journey

To Bring You My Love

The night train watchman bids her a safe journey behind his mask,

And sails away along the carriage in search of fish the bigger to fry.

And she – she winds back her thoughts to a lady and a lord –

DNA domina, DNE domine,


The repetition makes the same sound as does her train

Clattering along rails under English skies.

A metal crate on wheels and track, parting mountains and rivers

To take her fast to her childhood love and a solemn pact.

Quickly now hurry, DNA-DNE-DNA-DNE, before my boy takes

His final breath, before he…



“My Dear, which train shall I take to bring you my love? For the love of poets is vast and unbound, and many a reflection may be seen in scripts from their souls. Cryptic. A puzzle. A treasure map to the heart. Meet me there in words yet said. Match my love with time yet spent. Reciprocate the loving sentiment with your own true words of poetic beauty.”

Words: by Ford, extract from The Remains of She, the upcoming collaboration between Spira and Ford.

Art images: Spira and Ford. Train images: Marklin, Hornby, Lima. Stafford castle photos unknown.

March 10. 2021.

24 thoughts on “To Bring You My Love – a Project #2 extract for Six Sentence Stories

  1. Pingback: To Bring You My Love – a Project #2 extract for Six Sentence Stories – Amazing

    • Not dense at all. It’s an extract from a much bigger piece, a poem and scultpure collaboration soon to be published on my site. Thanks for liking the construct of it – on its own it really doesn’t give much away in terms of a narrative, but the bigger picture to come tells the whole story.


  2. “The repetition makes the same sound as does her train…”

    This line serves as a reminder to not stop at the first (or seventh) re-write.

    Call me a beginner, but I looked at that line and thought, what is making it an image/thought that pulls the Reader as effortlessly as two midnight dancers in the final chorus of a song?

    Finally I decided what it was
    (don’t laugh!)

    It was ‘as does
    rather than
    the train does’

    nice lick

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    • Thanks, Clark. That’s a good observation there of nuance in a structure.
      My bad habit (esp with poems) is to fall into ‘archaic’ structures and words rather than go for simplicity.
      T’other day I was editing and saw I had used the word ‘nought’ several times. It worked well on a couple of lines, but for the others a simple ‘nothing’ read better.


  3. Immersive Six, V. Interactive on so many levels. That and you’ve sent me into the Googleland in search of.
    Very cool art “pixelization manipulation” (hey, I’ve only had 1 cup of the go-go juice this morning – still early, lol)
    As so often in what poetry of yours I’ve read, a love story. May the Lady find her Boy. Give us a good ending, eh? 😎
    Look forward to experiencing The Remains of She. When is release date?

    P.S. Have been aware of PJ since the late 80’s but never listened to her. Giving my ears a listen.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, D. Your cue word this week was perfect for this snippet of what’s to come. You’re right it’s a love story, with maybe a bittersweet ending and a wonderful gift left behind. The release date is early April.
      I use ‘Lunapic’ as my photo/art editor. It’s free, and easy to use (for someone like me who is not so digitally arty adept 😄)
      Love PJ Harvey. I saw her a few years back in Paris, and she played ‘To Bring You My Love’ much to my awe and delight 😎


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