’76 – ’08. Comic book art and covers

Wolverine N°173 Collector Edition. Cover Arthur Suydam. 2008. France.

TVTA is pleased to present a selection of comic book goodness from the mighty houses of Marvel and DC. Publication dates are between 1976 and 2008, and feature the talents of Arthur Suydam, John Byrne, Dick Giordano, Joe Kubert, Matthew Ryan, Jackson Guice, Keith Giffen, Larry Mahlstedt, and Jerry Ordway among others.

So, team-up with TVTA and plunge your comic book peepers into our following gallery of greatness!

Join us again soon for more superb comic book covers, art and ads!

15 thoughts on “’76 – ’08. Comic book art and covers

      • You were very luck they stocked both! Yes, the A4 sized comics here in the UK were a slightly different format, often with multiple stories in one issue, and they were in black and white. On the plus side they were weekly, so that was always cool! It wasn’t until I saw proper American comics that I even realised they were in color! I just thought all comics were in black and white LOL! 🙂

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      • Ha. True. The US comics – I remember asking my mum if she could me merchandise from things like Grit and Bazooka Joe, and she would explain it was only availble for US readers. And I was like, “What’s a zip code and why don’t we have one?” 🙂 🙂

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    • Thanks, mate. Indeed – had about 30 odd comics to delve through for the images I wanted to scan, and was a bit like going down the rabbit hole, as you invariably end up distracted by reading and then saving further images for future posts.


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