You wait five years, when along comes…


What could it be, vintage mates? Hm, a piece of small red plastic; some component to match with other pieces, to complete a set?

A little clue…

Another clue…

Still no idea? Okay, another clue…

Easy peasy lemon squeezy?

If anyone guessed correctly that it is the stage platform for the 1991 Playmobil Romani Circus Jazz Band – then award yourself a mighty 3,000 vintage points!

Below is the band from my old picture gallery, naked of a stage (every band needs a stage, right?)

And below, here is the band onstage at last…

The drummer jazz dude with his little blue drum kit is my fave. He’s missing a cymbal and an extra pair of drumsticks (one can never have enough drumsticks) so the set is still not 100% complete, but I can source these parts another time. For now, having that stage finally turn up at a decent price makes all the difference.

Below is a picture (courtesy of eBay) showing the jazz band in the Romani Circus play set…

Thanks for looking πŸ™‚

And, while we’re on about music… (and apologies for leaping from Playmobil to politics) …

F#@k you Brexit!

I’m pissed off to learn that the UK Conservative government has just shafted British and European touring artists by not agreeing to waiver performance visas in light of the recent Brexit trade agreements. The EU said they made an offer to allow continued frictionless travel between countries for performers, and that the UK rejected it. The UK are of course blaming the EU. I know who I’d rather believe.

As a drummer who once played live around Europe in numerous bands, the joy of performing to a wide and diverse audience is a pure high; but for bands and artists who earn a regular living from performing – this is also a cruel and unecessary blow to their livelihoods, which have already been savaged by Covid-19 restrictions.

Links: Musicians’ Union and The Gurdian and The Independent

The British music industry in 2019 contributed an estimated Β£5.8bn to the UK economy. The UK government – in restricting the freedom of travel for musicians – is causing a major self-harm with its shallow and spiteful gesture made to those who work in the arts. But then, what else would you expect from the government who produced Brexit Britain.

β€œFor the first time, he heard something that he knew to be music. He heard people singing. Behind him, across vast distances of space and time, from the place he had left, he thought he heard music too. But perhaps, it was only an echo.” ― Lois Lowry


“Welcome to the Brexit, sir. I’m sorry.” – Netherlands Border Control


20 thoughts on “You wait five years, when along comes…

  1. So, I don’ get 3,000 points. However, I get your point about the musicians.
    The arts are snubbed in most countries.
    I think France is special in its embrace of art and intellectual property. xo

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    • Arts/libraries/musuems – often the first to get chopped when governments take hard measures.
      You might be right about France, though the arts here has still taken it’s share of bashing during the pandemic. Example: okay for 30 school students to cram into a small classroom, yet not okay for one student to attend a conservatoire lesson with one professor (perfect environment for distance), hence they close music lessons in lockdown while keeping schools open. That said, they just reopened the conservatoire here again, so things looking up (for the time being at least).

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      • Glad to hear about the conservatoire being open, again.
        They’ve tightened the lockdown here. Even less is opened.
        The vaccine roll out is racing away at turtle speed.
        I awoke to an EMERGENCY ALERT yesterday.
        It told me that it was illegal to go outside, except for food or work, or medical attention.

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  2. Love the playmobile. Politics here in the UK is a total mess with it feeling very much like a police state currently. Honestly you wouldn’t want to come here atm. Covids out of control. People wearing masks outside are crossing the road rather than walk past each other. Use fear to control, we all know where that leads

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    • Cheers, Neil. Playmobil is a big fave here at TVTA.
      Measures-wise – it’s frustrating that only now in the UK is there pressure to wear masks in supermarkets, whereas here it’s been an obligation since the first lockdown – no mask no entry. I mean, you have to think of the safety of not only yourself and fellow shoppers, but the shop staff whose job is it to keep on working during the pandemic.

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  3. Dude!
    Excellence in…. er finding artifacts from, what I wouldn’t need much prompting to argue are, alternate timelines.
    Nope, did not guess, however that is as much a part of, (and acknowledgement to), your post’s coda.

    “Put his ear to the wall, then like a distant scream
    He heard one guitar, just blew him away…

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