I got Scoobied + 3 new Brazilian Playmobil ads

A little Christmas pressie for me… but Ruhuh… I didn’t get the Mystery Machine (not yet anyway 😉) However I did get the Playmobil Scooby-Doo set 70207 featuring Scooby, Shaggy, Ghost and accessories.

Cool 😎

Now for some cool Playmobil adverts from Brazil. The following three ads are reproduced here courtesy of longtime TVTA contributor and friend Zerocal and feature mid-90s Playmo figures from the manufacturer Estrela.

The ads are printed on mini comic books (in Brazil, called “Revista em Quadrinhos” or simply “Gibi”).

Circus Revista. Monica N°95. 1994. Brazil.

Ambulance Revista. Monica N°94. 1994. Brazil.

Castel Revista. Cebolinha N°96. 1994. Brazil.

Original Zerocal post can be seen here

Thanks for looking 🙂

18 thoughts on “I got Scoobied + 3 new Brazilian Playmobil ads

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    • Love Scooby-Doo too. So many memories watching it as a youngster. The Playmobil Scooby line is a treat to see, and I gotta have that Mystery Machine!
      As for Lego – my youngest son has lots of Harry Potter and Star Wars sets. As a kid I had plenty of Lego and rank it highly among my fave toys past and present.
      How about you and Lego?

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      • Oh, we are right in the middle of a big Lego phase. (Not to pull the GDR card again; I didn’t see any of this as a kid.) It is great fun for all of us. I may be too stingy though to get the Mystery Mashine from Lego. Since they don’t make it anymore, prized are a bit meh … Fun fact, they are traiting for less on Amazon than on Ebay but you never gnome what fell of a truck or is a remake either way …

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  2. Hi TVTA, I wish some of the toys I was interested in as a kid were advertised in comic book form, they look neat! There has always been something charming and attractive about Playmobil Toys – I still recall seeing their toys in nursery and primary schools. I kinda have my eye on maybe getting the Mystery Machine and a certain Playmobil DeLorean.

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    • Hi FT. Yes, you’re right, Playmobil has a special charm. I saw the BTTF DeLorean and it’s v cool, same as the Ecto 1 Ghostbusters and figures! It’s a path I’m going to avoid for now regarding those, as cool as they are, but I’ll def pull the trigger on the Mystery Machine later in the year 🙂

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