Wonder Woman

A TVTA Special.


The Vintage Toy Advertiser’s collection of Wonder Woman goodness as seen across the years in print advertising, comic books and toys!

Click images to go bigger, and enjoy this treat of one of the finest superheroes to grace the pages of comic books and the screen!

Wonder Woman N°240. 1978. Garcia Lopez et Dick Giordano.

Lynda Carter as TV’s Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman Japanese Chirashi poster. 2017.

Wonder Woman 1984. Japanese chirashi. 2020.

Wonder Woman Wonder Words, 1983. US.

Mego catalogue. 1976. US. Super Gals Assortment ft Wonder Woman.

Corgi Wonder Woman and Shazam! cars. 1980. France.

Wonder Woman newspaper strip. 1979. US.

Wonder Woman and Godiva. 1981.

Thanks for wonderfully looking with us 🙂


12 thoughts on “Wonder Woman

    • Thanks, Arcane 🙂 This post was so long in the making, Feb 2019 I began it (a year before the rise of Covid!), and I delayed it in anticipation of adding more Wondy goodies, then I delayed it again as WW1984 was delayed by the mandemic and I wanted to launch the post at the same time… finally it’s here, the post and the film!
      On a side note: I wanted to see the film last week but our local cinemas went back into lockdown, (again), ah well 🙂

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  1. Impressive wondrous collection!
    I will dive in with an afternoon ☕
    I know at least one of our friends here who will be delighted with this great!!

    ( e mail is coming today or tomorrow with the full presentation of the last shamanic wizardry…)

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