If you’re going to fight, do it outside

Street Fighter II. Game Boy. 1995. US.

TVTA is pleased to present a selection of gaming ads from 1995 to 2005 … featuring fighting and battle games from Nintendo Game Boy, Super Nes, PlayStation, X Box, Tiger Electronics, and more.


Remember: if it hurts, you’re still alive. No pain, no game!

WrestleMania: The Arcade Game. 1996. US.

WW Day of Reckoning II. 2005. US.

WWF War Zone. 1998. US.

ChequeMate C-3D Imaging System. 1997. US.

Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects. 2005. US.

Superman. Game Boy. 1998. US.

DC CD ROM Comic Books. 1996. US.

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21 thoughts on “If you’re going to fight, do it outside

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  2. A CD-ROM comic sounds delightfully nineties, but interesting nonetheless!

    Perhaps unsurprisingly I owned most of the WWF/E games around this period. WrestleMania Arcade was basically a WWF version of Mortal Kombat, great for multiplayer fun. War Zone was tough going, with its 3-4 button combinations to perform the simplest moves, but needless to say, I still played countless hours of it! As a PS2 kid, I missed out on Day of Reckoning series, but I’ve seen others play it and DoR2 really holds up visually. Pretty impressive stuff for the Gamecube.


  3. Hi TVTA, regarding that Cheque-Mate C-3D (not to be confused with C-3P0) I’m glad my friend who owned a Jaguar gaming system and a copy of the Alien game didn’t have this gadget! The Jag and Alien game was atmospheric enough as it was, with the dark shadows and the scanner beeps and Thump-Thump-Thump…Thumpthump….of your heart rate monitor…..then BAM!!! A Xenomorph fills the screen.

    Slightly less scary but still fun were the WWF/WWE games. I have played/owned most of them over the years from PS1 thru to the PS3 and PSP. However when SmackDown vs Raw 2006 introduced the Unlockable Legend I stopped buying the games. I didn’t think it was fair that I paid out for a copy for PS2 and completed 99% of the game but to complete 100 I had to purchase the PSP version and play through the game to unlock Jake the Snake Roberts’ character. You then had to transfer the game save to your PS2 to “finish” the game and attain 100%.
    I do miss the “Create-a-Wrestler” modes though, I was pretty good at that.

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    • Hi FT. I still have a PS1 Alien game which is just so creepy and dark to play, with Xenomorphs bursting out when you least
      expect it. Also a PS2 The Thing which is pretty gruesome. Yes… imagine playing those kind of games with the Chequemate gadget (if it’s anything like described in the ad) !!

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    • I was gutted they did that with Jake The Snake. I really wanted to play as him, but couldn’t. I believe they did the same thing the next year, but I can’t remember who with. 2007 was the last one I bought.

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      • Hi Jacob, yeah it was a bit out of order by THQ, however my story did have a happy outcome as I got to meet Jake when he wrestled on tour in the UK and have his autograph to go with the game discs!

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      • The match I saw him in was an Over the Top Battle Royal and Jake entered the ring then just sat down on the canvas resting against the bottom turnbuckle for nearly the whole match. If any one spoke or acknowledged him he just waved them off until there were just three men left. All the crowd who didn’t know Jake’s character were saying “What the *&$ยฃ….he’s done nothing! Just sitting there!” Then just as a guy called “Adam Bomb” had locked up with the third guy and threw him out…Jake reached up, grabbed the top ropes and hauled himself to his feet…Adam Bomb was celebrating forgetting Jake was still in the match. He then turned, saw Roberts stood facing him and Jake grabbed Adam by the head and dropped the DDT! The arena just went silent…jaws hit the floor…that DDT was the most beautiful move I’d ever seen. Jake then proceeded to dump Adam Bomb out the ring for victory. That was awesome!

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      • Ha that’s so cool! Jake knew how to tell a story in the ring that’s for sure, and his DDT looked brutal. He always delivered in interviews too. A real performer.

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      • Brilliant memories, FT. I only went to one match, in 2006 I think it was, at the NEC Birmingham. Got to see The Undertaker who I’d only ever watched on TV, that was very special seeing him enter the ring and do battle! Also Rey Mysterio was there – he was a lot of fun. Was a fine spectacle to see such a show.

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      • Hi TVTA, ah you got to a proper WWF/E show, Cool! I just attended an ALLStars Promotion show that Jake was fighting on. I did also get to see a few other WWF talents over the years including D’Lo Brown, Gangrel, David Flair, Paul Birchill (The Pirates of the Caribbean guy from the UK) and Tatanka. Having said that I got to meet Rey’s ex tag partner Juventuud Gurrera! Juve and the promoter tried to sign me up to the promotion (no kidding, they invited me to their academy!).

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  4. I’m mostly perplexed by the wonderous “ChequeMate C-3D”. ChequeMate is right if that wolf really comes out of the TV. Yeesh.

    As for that 2005 Marvel poster, first signs of the comic industry starting to “think outside the box”?๐Ÿค 

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