Happy Halloween – Pump(kin) Up The Volume!

Happy Halloween, vintage mates!

Usually I make a bit of a party of it on Halloween, but alas not much of a celebration this weekend as I’m working long shifts. So I’m getting my celebration post in early today.

At least I found time to carve a pumpkin πŸ™‚ πŸŽƒπŸŽƒ

Here it is, I call it Med-Hed, a sort of Tim Burton-esque / David Bowie Blackstar mashup. And a kind of post-surgey Jack O’Lantern presented fresh from the lab!

Here are some of my carved pumpkins from previous Halloweens.

Star Wars – Yoda

Star Wars – Ewok, Chief Chirpa

Demon Black Pumpkin with party table friends

A pumpkin parade – mine is top left panel in centre of pic

Med-Hed with art filters

Med-Hed by candlelight

Anyone else carve a pumpkin this year?

Thanks for looking πŸŽƒπŸŽƒ

Keep pump(kin) up the volume!

I leave you with M.A.R.R.S.

25 thoughts on “Happy Halloween – Pump(kin) Up The Volume!

      • And it made for a great one! Sadly, we already had to get rid of ours. . .well because we ran out of clear pumpkin dunking wax. . .although I’m not sure if that is actually a thing. 🀣

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  1. Wow TVTA, there is no end to your talent! Those pumpkins…they were spot on, now I know I am a Star Wars fan but U could tell that the Ewok was Chief Chirpa before I even saw the caption!
    I like the Black Demon pumpkin but it also reminds me of Venom from the Spiderman series of films….and finally Med-Hed I can definitely see the Bowie/Blackstar influence (images of his last video springs to mind) but it is seriously disturbed! Perfect.

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    • Thanks, FT πŸŽƒ Glad you like the Star Wars ones. Yoda took ages to make the body parts, hands and feet + cape – very fiddly to hold it all together with wire hangers and masking tape. Whereas Chirpa was just time consuming carving the face.
      Cool! I never thought about Black Demon looking like Venom but you’re absolutely right!
      Glad you could see the Bowie connection with MedHed. Man, I miss Bowie. Lucky he left us with so much diverse music.


  2. Wow, I love Yoda! We only ever did this once, probably getting on for twenty years ago, and it was just a cute cat face. Med-Hed looks like something you’d find on an album cover, one which takes on a legend of its own. Awesome!

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    • Thanks, Jacob πŸŽƒ Yeh, you’re right MedHed could be an album cover really, love it πŸ™‚ A cute cat face pumpkin works too!
      Yoda – he took ages to make, the carving wasn’t too bad, but holding the feet, body and hands parts together + making a cape was so fiddly. I think I used wire coat hangers and lots of masking tape. Worth it though as it looked great in the end.

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    • Thanks, D 😊 The link worked fine. Haven’t heard Misfits in ages! Cool tune. Need to see that film as it’s supposed to be a cult classic… and I’m curious!!


  3. Halloween is not a thing in this part of the world unfortunately.
    The carved pumpkins are fantastic.
    Med Head just reminded me a song by Quiet Riot:
    “Bang your head
    Me(d)tal hea(d)lth will drive you mad! ”
    Happy Halloween πŸŽƒ mate! Enjoy as much as you can.

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    • Hi mate, thanks πŸŽƒ It’s a lot of fun. I remember we always made a thing of Halloween in the UK, and in France it’s becoming ever more popular.
      Quiet Riot! Yes, blast from the past there… Metal Health, Condition Critical, Slick Black Cadillac and the Slade covers I remember well.
      Did you keep earthquake free where you live?

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      • Glad your good. Did you feel or hear the trembles? I’ve experienced three in my time, two very minor, and one where it sounded like two juggernauts were colliding and I could see the floor moving like a wave. Man that was friggin scary!! Only lasted a couple of seconds, but still…

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      • Felt it this time.Not much like other times cause I was underground at my workshop it’s below surface level).
        Egelados has a habit of visiting often..

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