My Horror and Fantasy Themed Beer Bottle Awards 2020!

Horror / fantasy themed beer bottles.

The drinks are on TVTA!

And it’s never too early to start celebrating Halloween is it? September being the warm-up to my favourite ghoulish month? Add a beer or two, and all is good 🙂

Without further ado, here are the beer bottles I’ve saved since the beginning of the year. There are 13 of them, and they all feature a horror or fantasy theme.

The contenders…

The ratings…

La Bière Du Demon / Demon Beer. France. 12%. A design to induce nightmares, and coming in at 12% this is the strongest of the bunch and not to be taken lightly. A diobolical pleasure.

Bière du Corbeau / Crow Beer. France. 9%. An impressive design and a strong beer. I enjoyed this one.

La Chouffe. Belgium. 8%. I love this beer so much. It’s strong, blonde, and tasty, and with a delightful design of a gnome riding a unicycle. I often buy this beer, and would rate it among the best of Belgium blondes. I also dedicate this beer to my good WP blog buddy Be Kitschig 🙂 If you like a bit of kitsch in your life (and who doesn’t?!) then check out that link.

Bonus: also comes with cool bottle cap!

La Cuvée des Trolls / Troll Beer. Belgium. 7%. A tasty one as I recall, and another cool fantasy design.

Slash Origin. France. 7.5%. This design rocks. Who’s gonna argue with a badass tattooed unicorn? Not me. A decent tasting beer though not one of my favourites of the bunch.

Black. France. 6%. Another unicorn themed beer. Simple design. Decent taste, but like the unicorn themed one above it… not a favourite. Sorry unicorns.

Belzebuth. France. 4.5%. A fun design and name, but tastewise not on my favourites list.

Don’t Panic. France. 6.5%. Completely bizarre design and name. I like just how leftfield this is. And not a bad tasting beer.

Judas. Belgium. 8.5%. A serious beer. With a simple design. But that all-important name ‘Judas’ sure packs a punch. So does the beer. In second place as strongest – 8.5% – sink a few of these and you might easily forget your loyalties.

Rince Cochon / Pig Rinse. Belgium & France. 7.5%. Fun, fun, fun! I was more than happy to take a rinse. A strong beer, yet deceptive, as it’s a red and the fruity flavours soften the blow. Excellent for helping to keep one’s spirits up during a pandemic. Oink.

Foudroyante. Belgium. 3.5%. A most enjoyable fruity tipple. Plus skull design = win!

Pecheresse / Sinner. Belgium. 2.5%. Not strong at all, but a simply delicious fruity red. In fact, I even added black pepper to another I tried, as it reminded me of a beer called Frulli which is often sprinkled with pepper to counter the fruit. As for the Art Nouveau style ‘sinner’ design, it’s quite beautiful, and for my sins… I recall enjoying a fair few of these during lockdown.

La Bête / The Beast. France. 8%. Strong taste and a wicked design. A decent beer.

And finally…


… drumroll … 


… The TVTA horror and fantasy themed beer bottles winners are…


Slash Origin.


La Chouffe.



That’s all vintage drinking mates!

Thank you for coming to the horror and fantasy beer bottle awards ceremony 2020 with us 🙂 Remember, the strength percentage of one alcoholic drink is not a target to be added to others to reach the magic figure of 100% in a single session. Please drink responsibly. And FFS do not drink or drive.

Please rink dresponsibly. Honeshtly readers, TVTA doesh not have a drink problem, other than our refrigerator is a bit on the wee shide. Sings: Rooooll out the barrel…

23 thoughts on “My Horror and Fantasy Themed Beer Bottle Awards 2020!

  1. Love this post. Dislike beer, though. Then again, I dislike all liquor, except red wine.
    Will there be a Hallowe’en this year?
    I think here, they would prefer…NOT.
    That’s because the Covid infections are on the rise. Sigh!

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  2. Beautiful post! Now we all know what you did during lock down 😉 Out freinds from Belgium gave us 6 La Chouffe glasses. By now I use them for pretty much anything! They are too cute. — Not that this has anything to do with spooky labels but I just read about a village in Austria called Fucking (let’s hope this doesn’t go to spam now) and their blond is called Fucking Hell. Might be something for your collection!


  3. Cool bottles! I have an LE Absolut Vodka bottle from 2011 that I’m afraid to throw away because it might be worth something, lol! The bottle is all spikey in the glass. I also have a cannon ball shaped bottle from that Captain Morgan had out about 6 yrs ago. The rum was gross but the bottle is sooo cool. Bottles are true collector’s items!

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  4. Hi TVTA, yeah I was gonna suggest Trooper Ale (but you beat me to it…I was waiting for other folk to comment first so I didn’t hog the post!) Those Eddie labels are great (as is most of Maiden’s promo material and artwork).

    Liked by 1 person

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