Spring and summer fashions of 1963

It’s been more than an extraordinary spring and summer 2020, thanks to Covid-19. For some of us the holidays and beach and the fashions which compliment these two seasons have been drastically modified, or cancelled altogether.

TVTA takes a look back at the pages of 1963 – to a calmer, pandemic-free time when spring and summer promised an abundance of fun and pleasure.

Photographs and illustrations courtesy of the 1963 spring-summer catalogue from La Redoute. La Redoute is one of France’s most successful clothing and home decor companies, founded in 1837 in Roubaix.

Cover. La Redoute spring summer catalogue. 1963. France.

Thanks for looking 🙂

14 thoughts on “Spring and summer fashions of 1963

  1. 57 years has seen many changes. The 60’s were a fab time… and I love the fashions of the time. Although, the counter culture was more interesting than the catalogues. Great post! xo

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  2. Well, there’s certainly lots of cool (groovy) stuff going on here! How dapper do those guys look? It’s funny to think my grandparents would probably have called them scruffs.

    I have found myself dipping into 60s music recently. Very welcome escapism in the lost summer.

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    • It was great to find this cool catalogue (1 euro on a flea market!) Love the guy in the suit and glasses b/w pic – he’s like some cool secret service agent. Then there’s the taller guy in the shirts with cheekbones – he’s like a mod and can picture him on a Vespa. And cheesy older guy in cardigan with pipe made me lol 🙂 Yeah, but great styles, dapper and groovy I agree! love too some of the female models in those sixties patterned frocks, and the pyjama sets that seem to be a hangover from the fifties.
      Good music choices there. 60s tunes can be so summery and happy.

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      • Great find! I could spend hours looking at old catalogues, it’s fascinating to see what was in vogue at a random point in time. The pipe and cardie guy made me smile too, delightfully corny!

        Yes, many 60s tunes have a sunny feel to them don’t they. Musically, it’s a bit of a blind spot for me, so it has been fun to discover lots of ‘new’ tunes. We are truly spoilt with Spotify! I read a piece the other day which claimed 2020 pop was speeding up and becoming happier. Lawd knows we could do with that!

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