Wonder Woman wheels and statuette

TVTA’s vintage toy collection grows just a tad bigger this week as I’m very pleased to report the addition of a 1979 Corgi Juniors Wonder Woman car… And it’s not in bad condition considering it’s age – with the front decal, wind screen, and Wondy in the cockpit all present and correct, and with the wheels and suspension in working order πŸ™‚

I also received a Wonder Woman Gal Gadot movie statuette completely free with a comic lot purchase I made. Bonus 😁 The statuette is officially licensed but otherwise uncredited for date and company.


And lastly, another Corgi Juniors… the Batmobile, 1976…

Thanks for looking!

19 thoughts on “Wonder Woman wheels and statuette

  1. I’ve just found this post whilst looking for this very same WW car! I have it somewhere in a box of collectable smurf figures and other things… but the box is slightly missing at the moment! (And obviously, I wasn’t using the internet to search for my missing box!)

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  2. Hi TVTA, great additions to your collection! Finding good condition examples must be getting more difficult each day. I had that Corgi Junior Batmobile and as Paul (Bowler) did. I think I mentioned before I modified my Batboat by drilling a small hole in the aft of the hull and filling the boat with baking soda so when you put it into the water it would propel itself around my bath (similar to the way those toy submarines worked)

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  3. Nice one landing the statuette! And of course the Batmobile is a blast. I always get excited hearing people talk about the Batboat. My brother had lots of Batman toys, but I don’t think he had a Batboat. It just sounds so cool (and doesn’t look bad either!).

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    • Yes, the Batboat and trailer is really cool, and also the Batcopter. Some of my friends had these. I only had the Batmobile but won’t grumble as it was easily one of my fave toys with all its cool gadgets – along with the 007 Aston Martin and its baddie in the ejector seat… + Starsky and Hutch, Charlie’s Angels, and Kojack. Corgi has made some top TV and film toys over time.

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  4. So many cool things to collect and so little space, I could fill a small planet with all the items I desire. I had the bat boat, I don’t think it floated though.

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  5. Wonderful additions to your Wonder Woman collection. The car is really nice, love the statue as well! I’ve got that Corgi Junior Batmobile as well, think mine had the Batboat and trailer as well. πŸ™‚

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