’95 – ’15 – DC Comics Formidable Females

DC Girl Frenzy. 1998.

Artemis Requiem. 1996.

Supergirl and Batgirl. 1998.

Supergirl. 1998.

Supergirl N°2. 2005. Churchill and Norm Rapmund.

Wonder Woman 142. 1999. Cover by Adam Hughes.

Wonder Woman 132. 1998. The Baroness cover by John Byrne.

DCBS comics. 2015.

Catwoman 44. 2015. Lupacchino and Martin.

Catwoman.  2012.

Suicide Squad. 2012.

Midtown Comics NYC. 2015.

As always, thanks for looking 🙂

6 thoughts on “’95 – ’15 – DC Comics Formidable Females

    • I thought you might like this one my friend! I picked up a large lot of WW comics recently, mostly the John Byrne run which I’m itching to read but need to add a few of the missing copies first.
      I was really impressed with some of the Adam Hughes artwork too.
      Artemis… need to find out more as I didn’t know her.
      Yar, DC is spot on with their female heroes as far I’m concerned.

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      • I love Adam Hughes art, his cover work is always spectacular stuff. Artemis is a fantastic character and one of my favourite Amazons, a member of the Bana-Mighdall tribe of Amazons. She recently(ish) co-starred in Red Hood and the Outlaws alongside Jason Todd (best of the Robins!) and Bizarro!

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