1930s in film – Belles, Beaus, and the best of the ads (part 1)

Welcome to a new mini-series from TVTA in which we feature cinema stars of 1930s Classical Hollywood, plus beauty and fashion culture, all courtesy of British film entertainment magazines The Picturegoer Weekly and Film Pictorial.

The images you are about to see are almost 90 years old! And have been carefully scanned by TVTA from their original publications to delight modern cinema lovers.

Film Pictorial Vol 1 N°25. Aug 13. 1932. Greta Garbo.

Film Pictorial. 1932. Bright and Breezy.

The Picturegoer Weekly. 1932.

Film Pictorial. 1932. Laurel and Hardy.

Film Pictorial. 1932. Radio Studios girls.

Not much change afoot in 90 years

The content of these two journals is not much different than today’s comparable versions covering the entertainment side of movies; with articles and photos of celebrated film stars, Hollywood gossip and rumours, and adverts aimed at the fashion and beauty markets.

The adverts…

Film Pictorial. 1932. Nail Biting stop it!

The Picturegoer Weekly. 1932. Love Drops.

The Picturegoer Weekly. 1932. Cadbury chocolate.

The Picturegoer Weekly. 1932. Ovaltine.

Film Pictorial. 1932. Star Portraits offer.

The Picturegoer Weekly. 1932. Clarnico confectionery movie photos offer.

That’s all for part 1. Join us soon for part 2, and thank you for stepping back in time to the 1930s with us 🙂

All images:

Film Pictorial, Tallis House, Tallis Street, London, E.C.4. Vol. 1. N°. 25. August 13, 1932 Edited by Clarence Winchester.

The Picturegoer Weekly, Oldhams Press, Ltd., Long Acre, London, W.C.2. N°81. Vol. 2. December 10, 1932. Registered Newspaper.

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