My Second Barbie – she’s a Wonder Woman!

Presenting, my second Barbie… (first one here)

Dear readers, I am thrilled to add my second Barbie to TVTA’s toy collection – the 2003 Mattel Barbie DC Comics Playline Edition Wonder Woman doll.

My Barbie as Wonder Woman came mint in her original box, complete with accessories and a mini lunchbox keychain. A display stand is also included.

The reverse of the box shows an uncredited Wonder Woman comic artwork (possibly by Bruce Timm from Justice League Unlimited era, anyone?), and an image of the three DC Playline Edition Barbie dolls available at the time: Catgirl, Wonder Woman, and Supergirl.

She’s Wonder Woman, and she rules, but she’s also Barbie… therefore she must strike her glamour poses…

I was tempted to get one of the many exquisite Barbie Wonder Woman dolls based on the modern Gal Gadot version, but hesitated for the moment in favour of a more traditional comic book Wonder Woman + traditional Barbie look.

Honestly though, examples like the one below are going to be hard to resist!

In other Wonder Woman news…

Here is my freshly scanned copy of Odyssey of the Amazons – a ‘Before Wonder Woman’ tale. I’m hoping to jump into this epic story during my two days off before the weekend slog at work.


And finally, for those of you who just can’t get enough of Wonder Woman…

Look out for TVTA’s upcoming Wonder Woman tribute post, scheduled for this October in time for a very important film release 😉

Thank you for being Wonderful with us 🙂 

15 thoughts on “My Second Barbie – she’s a Wonder Woman!

  1. Suffering Sappho, a Wondy-centric post, love it! Awesome Barbie Diana there my friend, I can honestly say I’m jealous! I have the modern Gal Gadot Justice League Barbie and also the Antiope one (which is my fave) would really love the Lynda Carter based doll but it goes for silly money… ah well. Thanks for the wondy-ful post. 🙂

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  2. Hi TVTA, that is a nice addition to your collection – and it has all the extras. Believe it or not I designed a saber based on Wonder Woman (I’ll leave a link below if interested) and I sort of know a real life Diana Prince. A friend of mine named Allure Cosplay is actually finishing building a WW 1984 gold armour cosplay outfit. You may remember Allure from the Darth Talon hilt I built for her. You can check her latest photoshoot on her YouTube channel.
    I just have one quick question though….does Ken come as Steve Trevor? Here’s that link and stay safe.

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    • Hi FT, thanks! Yes I remember that post you linked to. Just went back for a refresh and it still looks nice. I’m more than pleased to add my new Barbie as Wonder Woman as I love both of the characters. Looking forward to the new film this October!

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      • Thanks TVTA, I had great inspiration for the hilt. I mean that colourscheme and costume by Donfeld I couldn’t go wrong – I just had to make the link with the claws resembling Wonder Woman performing her famous leaps (the claws look like her upstretched arms…sort of). And I may take a look at WW 1984 being as there isn’t a Star Wars film for me to look forward too this December!

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