Selected images: Starlog Scrapbook movie magazine, 1984

Featuring stars from some of 20th century cinema’s biggest sci-fi, horror, and fantasy hits (and a few misses) … TVTA is pleased to present selected images from the 1984 Starlog Scrapbook Vol. 3. by Norman Jacobs and Kerry O’Quinn.

© O’Quinn Studios Inc. Images reproduced by TVTA for film appreciation purposes.

Sigourney Weaver and Jones – Alien. JoBeth Williams – Endangered Species.

The Three Stooges. Have Rocket, Will Travel.

Abbott and Costello Go to Mars.

Edmond O’Brien and Jan Sterling. 1984.

David Naughton. An American Werewolf in London.

The Batboat.


Swamp Thing and The Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Superman III.

Superman: The Movie.


Robin Williams and Robbie the Robot.

Cylon pilots. Battlestar Galactica.

Flesh Gordon.

Logan’s Run (TV Series).

Raiders of the Lost Ark.

© O’Quinn Studios Inc.

9 thoughts on “Selected images: Starlog Scrapbook movie magazine, 1984

  1. Hi TVTA, great collection of pictures. However I can’t watch a Cylon Warrior without thinking about the title credits of “The A-Team”…the reason? Well Dirk Benedict is seen in Universal Studios standing outside a western saloon when two Cylons walk past him and he points at them with a look of “Hey, don’t I know you?” then he relaxes and shakes his head as if to say “Nah, must be my imagination!”
    And an interesting link between Admiral Ackbar, Salacious B Crumb (Jabba’s pet monkey lizard) and The Treasurer from The Dark Crystal….they were all portrayed/puppeteered by Tim Rose who I met at my local Comic Sci-Fi convention. He gave me his autograph twice!

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  2. Wonderful pictures, these bring a lovely trip down memory lane of many of my favourite movies. I love the picture of Batman, Robin, and the Batboat!. Nice to see photos from Tron, Dark Crystal, and the SFX model work on Return of the Jedi’s Rancor monster!

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