The Pandemic and I (12) – movie masks, coffee, #BLM, Avaaz, and a very cool cat!

Don Post Dick Tracy and Gremlins 2 masks. 1990. US.

Greetings, vintage mates… a quick post at the end of my week off work before I return this weekend.

In my last post I wrote that during the French period of déconfinement I wanted to:

  • enjoy a week off, after leave restrictions were finally lifted at my work. Check ✅
  • enjoy a real coffee on an outdoor terrace. Check ✅
  • order material for my blog, now the postal service is back to business. Check ✅

Today’s post features some new mask additions to my print advert collection.

Nice to get some new stuff in at last 🙂

Don Post Gremlins masks. Starlog. 1984.

Don Post TMNT Raphael mask. Starlog. 1990.

And here is your editor at 7am at the beginning of his week off work enjoying a cup of real espresso on an outdoor terrace …

  1. Trust me I am smiling very happily beneath my fabric mask. I have to wear a medical mask at work, so it makes a change to wear something comfier.
  2. The espresso was a double 🙂
  3. Surprisingly, the server did not wear a mask, but I was wearing mine, so… okay I guess.
  4. Compare this to the boulangerie next door – all staff in masks, disinfecting their hands between operations, only two customers allowed in per time. This was perfect.
  5. It’s June here, and still cloudy/raining on and off, hence the hat…


Talking of masks and hats…

Don Post Feddy Krueger mask and hat. Starlog. 1990.

Fabric masks VS medical masks… 

Here is the WHO‘s latest advice regarding wearing a fabric mask or a medical mask:

Black Lives Matter

Reading about the protests in the US and around the world in support of George Floyd  and causes against racial injustice, I wanted to do something, and not stay silent on the issue when I have a platform. What happened to a man, and many others before him, is brutal, shocking, and firmly out of place in any society that claims to value human lives.

As a member and donator of the 60+ million strong Avaaz community, I put my name to their public open letter against racism and police brutality here

If you are not already a member of Avaaz then do consider joining. Avaaz is a global web movement to bring people-powered politics to decision-making everywhere, and they really do make a difference.

Sister Night

Obi Arisukwu Sister Night art. @ObiAris

If I could choose a black hero in pop culture fiction to go out there and right some wrongs… my nomination would go to detective Angela Abar a.k.a. Sister Night (played brilliantly by Regina King in the HBO TV series Watchmen).

For me, Angela Abar is a true detective.

HBO's Watchmen.

HBO’s Watchmen.


This week off work, I picked up my novel for editing. It was good to devote some quality time to a process I really enjoy – the edit. At one point I was looking for a quote from author Ben Okri, as one of his books is mentioned in my story, and I found this, which seemed not only right for my chapter, but apt for what has been happening.

“He saw the world in which black people always suffered and he didn’t like it. He saw a world in which human beings suffered so needlessly from Antipodes to Equator, and he didn’t like it either. He saw our people drowning in poverty, in famine, drought, in divisiveness and the blood of war. He saw our people always preyed upon by other powers, manipulated by the Western world, our history and achievements rigged out of existence.”
Ben Okri, The Famished Road

Office cats VS work cats

Wooof insisted I post up these following pics of a rather cool cat!

The story: Going through some recent photos, I found a picture of Garfield, our resident cat at work, “relaxing” on my mobile work trolley at 7am as I started my shift.

Luckily Wooof is not a jealous cat, because how cool is Garfield here!

Me: Garfield, dude, wake up! I gotta work!

Garfield: Mmm, yawn, what? Can’t you, like, use another trolley?

Me: Haven’t you got mice to catch or something?

Garfield: Alright, alright, I’m getting up now. Yawn.

(PS – I disinfected my work trolley after, even though Garfield is meticulous with his cleaning routines)

That’s all for now, I’m off to make my sandwiches for work and grab an early night. Was nice that week off.
Stay well and healthy everyone 🙂

Disclaimer. This report is meant to offer an overview of the fluid impact upon a care worker in the French medical system. No names of any persons or institutions are given, and the reportage here concerns decisions made at a French national level which is available to the public at any time. No breach of confidentiality or professional workplace standards is made or implied. Any health advice stated here is exactly the same as that given by the World Health Organization public advice pages 


6 thoughts on “The Pandemic and I (12) – movie masks, coffee, #BLM, Avaaz, and a very cool cat!

    • Cheers Paul, yeah I love seeing the Don Post masks, they had such a wide variety and were always on target with all the new film releases at the time.
      Glad you liked our work cat Garfield. I saw him today. He’s like having an extra patient around because you have to feed and water him and change his dishes, plus let him in and out when he wants to laze in the sun or on one of the beds 😸😸

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Man , with the masks/sunglasses/hats don’t we all look like 60s undercover PIs?
    Hope you had your batteries recharged this week mate.

    #BLM, if you find the time watch at YouTube, Dave Chappelle’s ” 8:46″.
    Just came out and in my humble opinion it encapsulates a lot of truth about the ongoing situation…mind you I’m a big fan of his, so bias alert,😉.
    Take good care man.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for posting the dos and don’ts on masks! I just bought the disposable surgical kind because I thought they’d be easier to use, but now I’m thinking cotton is probably better. Still trying to figure it all out.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Surgical masks offer the best protection, but are only really necessary if you are working in a health care setting or looking after someone who is ill, or work in an environment with lots of people in a confined space.
      If you are just shopping, going outdoors, etc, then a fabric mask is suitable + much comfier to wear + looks cooler with all the different designs available.


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