Walkers Star Wars Tazo Collector’s Force Pack, 1996

Smash! Another collection completed! It’s only taken me since 1996… well, better late than never, and there is something sweet about finishing a target after a long wait.

Walkers Star Wars Tazo Collector’s Force Pack was a free ring binder book you could send off for in 1996 to celebrate the release of The Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition.

To complete the pack you needed to collect ‘Tazos’ (sometimes known as ‘Pogs’) which could be found sealed inside packs of Walkers Crisps, French Fries, Monster Munch, Quavers, and Doritos. Each Tazo was a circular, cardboard disc, and came printed with images from the original trilogy Star Wars films.

Star Wars Special Trilogy Tazo number 50.

There were 50 Tazos to collect, including a ‘Special Trilogy Tazo’ (numbered #50). Each Tazo held a numerical value allowing you to play and win against other Tazos. Pre-cut incisions around the edges enabled collectors to slot any number of discs together to make 3D shapes.

When not using the Tazos for play, the discs were inserted into the cardboard pages of the ring binder, set out in the same sequence as the film releases. Each Tazo would complete a scene image on the page along with a brief description.

I needed the numbers 40, 43, 48, and 49 to finish my pack.

Star Wars Trilogy Tazos. Front image: scenes from the trilogy.

Rear image: number and numerical value.

As well as the Tazos, there was a special ‘Force Card’ to collect – six were available: Princess Leia; Luke Skywalker; Darth Vader; Han Solo; Chewbacca; and C-3PO.

I needed a Force Card to complete my pack, and I managed to snag Leia ๐Ÿ™‚

Star Wars Tazo Force Card. Princess Leia.

Let’s take a look inside the pack.

The pack is a sturdy, A5 ring binder with excellent print quality. Walkers and Lucasfilm certainly didn’t scrimp on producing this attractive promotional collectable.

Click on the gallery below to see the completed pages

The final component of the pack was a double-sided page featuring a Kenner toys scratch sheet competition, with an advert for Kenner Star Wars toys on the reverse.

It’s a joy to finally finish this collection with the last 4 Tazos and a Force Card I needed. I can remember well buying Walkers crisps back in 1996 and hunting down the Tazos with my youngest son at the time. The pack has at last joined my other Star Wars books and comics on the bookcase ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks for looking!

And now we go straight to Ewok news…

… with an Ewok dedication to fellow WP blogger, all round good guy, and British comics guru John Freeman from Downthetubes.netย ย 

Found this little fellow in the wild last year…

Yiipeehh!! Ewoks galore…

Spot the Ewok…

5 thoughts on “Walkers Star Wars Tazo Collector’s Force Pack, 1996

  1. Wow TVTA, again you have a collectible I am envious of (not very Jedi like I know). I didn’t get to collect these as I was on a health kick at the time and followed a strict diet so no snacks! Glad you finished your quest for your missing cards!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice collection,TVTA!
    I’m always stunned with the volume of Star Wars stuff out there.
    Of course I have never watch one of the many movies. Nonetheless, I like the collection.

    Liked by 1 person

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