Six Sentence Stories: circles of unsleep

1983. Sleeping Beauty. Brazil.

I’m linking up with Denise at Girlie On The Edge Blog, where she hosts Six Sentence Stories, and everyone is invited to write a story or poem constructed of six sentences, and six sentences only, based on a cue word given. This week’s cue word is Circle.



Poem: Circles of unsleep (I wanna be sedated)

Circle is the clock face saying I should be asleep; circle is the cycle ride to work and back again; same shift, same protocols of care delivered in protective bubbles I dare not breathe too hard against.

Lately I have become disc-shaped playing cards of the person I once was; shuffled, dealt, a forever-hoped-for lucky hand, laid out on a round table next to coffee cup ringlets and saucers of treats meant to keep me going… like a faithful mouser at the family farm.

Circles, circles, going round and round, loops without digression, boomerangs navigating space to return to fingers that grasp in all faith the hope we will defeat the monsters which orbit us.

Will I soon sleep soundly and not awake in the night?

Come full circle, after untold circuits, round and round, our retrodden footsteps stamped into the ground, balls of confusion and spheres of illusion as misty as peering into crystal balls with both eyes shut, will we, will we, will we circumnavigate that which seeks to destroy?

Circle is the mask I wear on my face; circle is the hole in the heel of my sock; circle is the wheel spinning on my bike; circle is the pizza and the cherry pie; circle is the window I gaze longingly through, at the lantern light of the fat, full moon: O moon, you remind me of a great wheel of cheese, as I drift off to a sleep I know I will soon be disturbed from, ba ba baba, baba ba baba… I wanna be sedated.

(After Ramones)

Metallica vs. Ramones – Sedate And Destroy (YITT mashup)


11 thoughts on “Six Sentence Stories: circles of unsleep

  1. You know what would be horrifying, despite it being presented in modern culture as a ton of fun for the kids? Being trapped in one of those self-contained rooms full of semi-soft balls at arcades and amusement parks. I totally do not see why falling into such a non-tractable environment is considered amusing. Even if you’re ten-years-old.

    Hey, ‘cellent pome! Which is high praise, coming as it is from a guy….er. from Nantucket..*

    The power of routines to animate a body that should not be functioning due to exhaustion is damn impressive. I once worked for 48 hours straight through. It was interesting in that I was able to walk and use my hands (mostly physical labor) but I lost the power of speech. No, seriously. I could think of what I wanted to say, but the sounds coming from my mouth were, like, totally incoherent.

    Rest is necessary.

    Good tuneage, yo.

    *lol I really think that is the height of Comment humor… but then again

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    • Yes. Those soft ball pools are a bit freaky (I tried them). A strange, spongy, plastic, sticky immersion, not so great at all, and you almost expect a deranged clown to pop out with an axe if you have an overactive mind and lack of sleep lol.
      Really wish the Power Rangers had made a ‘soft ball pool monster’ villain now!

      Thanks for the comps, Nantucket dude! (Ahab’s island)

      You mention losing the power of speech after long stints of activity – so true. At the end of a period of long, understaffed shifts, it’s hard for me to articulate what I think, especially in French (my non native language), but in English too. I guess the brain is thinking in parts both languages, but unable to use either to a good degree when so tired.

      Yep. Even if you can’t sleep, still important to stop and just rest.

      After writing this SSS, I did actually have a decent sleep – so I think the whole ‘pen to paper’ thing worked as good medicine here.


  2. 2 of my most favorite bands!
    I get a definite soc vibe, tempered (no doubt) by simple fact’. I sympathize with your struggles nocturnal as a result of the extraordinary daily challenges of your work day. May sound and restful sleep be yours soon.
    The 2nd and last sentences – superb.

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